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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial: Critical Analysis

Mary Shelley uses Victor Frankenstein’s creation as a warning towards classicism and rational thinking; something past the boundaries of societal and cultural norm. Firstly, Shelley shows this through each victim, namely Elizabeth Lavenza and Henry Clerval who both appreciate nature and its sublimity when Victor fails to do so as the novel progresses. Victor narrates this thought, as he states, “The delight of Clerval was proportionally greater than mine….,” and Clerval exclaims, “I could pass my life here…and among these...
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Frame Narrative in Frankenstein

Frame narratives can simply be understood through an illustration of an onion: a literary device that features a story within a story, at times within yet another story. Peeling the onion, one might say. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, this structure in literature reaches out to the hearts of each individual character and their specific frame of the novel, echoing in search for something meaningful at the core of the plot. The principal frame of Shelly’s novel is Captain Walton’s letters...
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Mary Shelley: A Brilliant Novelist Of The 19th Century

Mary Shelley, a brilliant novelist, created one of the most fascinating novels of the 19th century. She has had to endure many obstacles and trials in her life leading up to the creation of Frankenstein. The events that transpired during her life have left a lasting impression that can be seen in her novel. Frankenstein was inspired by a waking dream that ended her blight of writer’s block. In her wakeful dream, she sees the vestige of a pale students...
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The Lives Of Mary Wollstonecraft And Mary Shelley

As we begin to compare Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley, it is interesting to see the observations once made by William Godwin. As Shelley’s father and Wollstonecraft’s husband, few knew both figures as well as he did. Godwin noted that his time spent with Shelley was different as it was bright and joyful, and he would ‘never anticipate the evil day’ (Marshall 183). While Shelley’s mother passed away almost immediately after she was born, Shelley was impacted by her mother’s...
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Frankenstein: Mary Shelley Modifying Paradise Lost

While there are many differences between Frankenstein by Mary Shelly and “Paradise Lost” by John Milton, there are plenty of things to compare. Both the authors write about the major struggle between good and evil. The characters in both Frankenstein and “Paradise Lost”, have similarities such as God and Victor to the devil and the monster. God and Victor are similar since they are both creators of life. The devil and the monster are similar because they are both cast...
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Victor Frankenstein Character Analysis Essay

In Frankenstein, Victor visualizes science as a mystery to be an inquest, includes the secrets discovered. His entire deliberation with creating like is concealed in secrecy, and his obsession to destroy the creature is a secret until Walton hears his story. But Victor continues his secrecy in guilt. The creature is forced into desolation because of its different appearance. Whereas Walton serves as a final confessor for both, their mysterious relation became immortal in letters of Walton. It shows idealized...
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Toughness of Two Pioneers: Daphne Oram and Mary Shelley

Introduction In this essay, I am going to discuss how two true pioneering women managed to stand out in a men’s world. Despite the situation at their time, they were able to be key figures in Music and Literature. Firstly, I will cover how Daphne Oram, with her Oramics Machine, was the first full-time Electronic Music composer in Britain, despite not having the support she needed from BBC and being a woman in the 50s and 60’s of the 20th...
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Mary Shelley's Critique of Romanticism in Frankenstein

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was written in 1817, in the midst of the Romantic Era. However, Shelley strayed away from the concepts of Romanticism and wrote Frankenstein as an anti-Romantic work. Four key concepts that Shelley negated in her work included the celebration of nature, the simple life, the idealization of women, and the presence of a one-sided perspective. Furthermore, Mary Shelley’s critique of Romanticism can be applied to the critiques of Marxism, the patriarchy, and racial discrimination. The era of...
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Marry Shelley’s Portrayal of Creature in Frankenstein

Born into the world with a tabula rasa, the creature in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein enters life with innocence and potential. With no instinctive precept of life, the creature who is initially gentle and innocent, attempts to integrate himself into society, only to be rejected because of humanity’s fear of his appearance. Loneliness, whether it be emotional, physical, or social, and its impacts, is a recurrent themes depicted through the creature. The creature’s demand for companionship derives from his sense of...
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Essay on Mary Shelley’s Legacy: Analysis of Frankenstein

Creating a creature and then fully realizing the responsibilities is a hard task for anyone to do. Creatures aren’t human although they were created to feel the emotion and deserve any direct attention like everyone else. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein believes that his creation and its actions are a direct result of carelessness and lack of responsibility from himself as the creator. Throughout the novel, Shelley portrays Victor as a good person with good intentions but after his...
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Character Analysis of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

This essay will examine the character Victor Frankenstein from before and after creating the monster to gain an understanding of his motives and the responsibility he has burdened himself with within the text of the well-known book Frankenstein by the acclaimed novelist, Mary Shelley. In the story, the reader is introduced to Robert Walton, a seemingly parallel character to that of Victor Frankenstein foreshadowing what is to come of him for his expedition to the North Pole and the reasons...
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Analysis of Mary Shelley's Ideas in Frankenstein

“Life of Pi” and “Frankenstein” are disclosures that perfectly challenge the boundary of ethics thus morality is a vital theme in both the novel and movie as both contexts have parallel implications primarily through Pi and Frankenstein’s peril. Mary Shelley reverses the role of man and monster whereas Ang Lee blurs the line of morality by presenting two stories, one which reveals the extreme cruelty of mankind and one which offers Pi as a resilient hero. Following the storm, Pi...
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