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Why Did Frankenstein Create the Monster: Critical Essay

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Over the course of time, relationships change. Sometimes the bond of characters can grow, and at times they fall apart. Healthy relationships are based on mutual respect and treating others with decency. In Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, the relationship between Dr. Frankenstein and the monster could easily be labeled as unhealthy due to the origin of the monster. Although identifying that their relationship is unhealthy, the complexity of their relationship cannot be looked at. The monster is full of anger towards Dr. Frankenstein as a result of the rejection that he faces immediately after coming to life. Not knowing how to deal with his emotions, the monster acts out in violence, directed at those who Dr. Frankenstein cares about. Thus, Dr. Frankenstein is less inclined to appease the monster. Although none of the characters wholeheartedly attempted to amend and redevelop their relationship, neither one is to blame for how their relationship developed to where it is.

Taking a bite from the forbidden tree of knowledge is what Victor did in his creation of the Creature. He ventures into uncharted territory, a line that should never have been crossed. Bringing life to another being is morally incorrect. Even Victor realizes this, “... and often did my human nature turn with loathing from my occupation”(p. 55). He turns away from his own project, neglecting it. Also, he is not prepared for when the Monster comes to life. Taking precautionary actions to maintain safety for himself and provide safety for the Monster was not done. Still not realizing that his ability to“bestow animation upon lifeless matter” (p. 53), is pushing science to its edge, he continues in his studies. After the Monster comes to life, his creator fears the Monster due to its looming size and horrific face. Victor takes no responsibility for the Monster, although, he should have. Victor should have taught the Monster the human way like all parents teach their children. The eight-foot, powerful, ignorant monster, lacking the comprehension of basic emotions, set out into civilization. The monster does not know how humans act and react. The neglection that the Monster feels from the one who gave him life causes the Monster to act out in ways that hurt Victor, which starts the harmful and unfixable cycle of their painful relationship.

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Victor could not physically stand to look at the Monster, he can not be himself to do it. The fault of this partially lies in Victor, as he is the creator, but Victor should not have to be involved with such an ugly being. Although Victor should have made more of an effort to build a relationship with the Monster, the Monster lashed out as a result of neglect, killing William. At this point, Victor is not at fault for their downward spiraling relationship because the Monster has overstepped. As a consequence of not being able to identify Williams's killer, Justine is blamed and sentenced to death. At this point in the story, Victor has no control over the Monster’s actions and can not control him. “Two years had nearly elapsed since the night on which he first received life, and this was his first crime?” (p. 78). The Monster is fully in control of his own actions, therefore, Victor is not the only one to blame for their relationship.

Despite the Monster being neglected throughout his life, he learns human behavior from peering into a shack that the DeLacy family lives in. For two years, the Monster lived in a hovel next to the DeLacy’s shack because he is unable to be accepted by society. After learning how humans operate and learning the language, the Monster still does not stop his killing and does not attempt to make amends after having societal knowledge. Later, he goes on to kill Henry. For this, Victor is put on trial but is innocent. Blaming the Monster for the fault in their relationship is harder than disproving. Stronger evidence backs up why the Monster is not at fault. From the point of view of the Monster, he feels completely neglected for no adequate reason. In society, physical appearance is more important than the personality of the being, which is why the Monster gets chased out of the community after talking to a blind man. The blind man treated the Monster with respect and cared what he had to say because he was ignorant of the fact that whom he was talking to was outstandingly grotesque. After reading Paradise Lost, the Monster begins to find someone who he can relate to. “Many times I considered Satan as the fitter emblem of my condition, for often, like him, when I viewed the bliss of my protectors, the bitter gall of envy rose within me” (p. 132). Not having any person in this world to connect to, he relates himself to Satan. Both the two are excluded from being part of society. Satan blames his exclusion on his creator, God, similar to the Monster. As well as blaming his creators, the Monster also blames society for being so closed-minded.

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