Essay on Nikola Tesla Impact on Society

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Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) the genius from Smiljan

Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856, and was the fourth son of a priest named Milutin and his spouse named Georgina. Tesla had four siblings, three sisters, and one brother. His death was on January 7, 1943, at the New Yorker Hotel, in hotel room #3327.

Tesla’s ashes are kept in a spherical urn at the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade. All of Tesla’s belongings were gathered by Tesla’s nephew Kosanovic and moved into the Museum after Tesla’s demise.

Up until his sixth year, Tesla resided in Smiljan, where he finished his first year of elementary school. Tesla's schooling in Rakovac was completed with the successful accomplishment of the high school finishing exam on July 24, 1873. Once he graduated from high school, Tesla came back with his parents to Gospić, where he developed cholera. Because of the disease, his dad did not direct him to study to become a priest, but instead to study technology. He escaped military authorities and accomplished to escape serving three years in the Austrian military.

In the beginning of 1880, Tesla left to study in Prague and the next year, got a job with the Puskas brothers in Budapest as a designer at the telegraph company. Later he labored as a team lead for the construction of a telephone exchange. Additionally on that team was Antal Szigety, a mechanic who later became his loyal friend. Following a brief period of illness, on foot with Antal Szigety in a park and reciting Goethe's Faust, he had the idea of a rotating magnetic field. He illustrated diagrams in the sand with a stick and unexpectedly the belief in the operation of an electric motor powered by alternating current was very clear to him.

Tesla in the U.S.

Tesla moved to Strasbourg in 1883 and managed to manufacture his main induction electro-motor driven by alternating current. Next, he leaves for the U.S. In 1884, and found employment at Edison Machine Works in New York. Thereafter, In April 1887, the Tesla Electric Company was established. Tesla became a U.S. citizen on July 30, 1891. In late 1900, Morgan granted Tesla $ 150,000 for the manufacture of a global radio signal system and gained ownership of 51% of all radio-related charters. The next year, Tesla wished to transfer wireless power, and construction then started on a radio transmission station at Wardenclyffe in Long Island. However, since the financial shortage in 1906, progress on the wireless energy transfer development project entirely stopped. Yet, there remained an endless variety of inventions, discoveries, latest creations, and charters that Tesla made with incredible speed and quality.

Tesla's extreme frequency currents are utilized in diathermy and personalization medication, and in chemistry to attain ozone. These currents generate luminescence-based light properties and deliver significantly more inexpensive light than a light bulb with a shiny wire. These currents have achieved the ultimate application in radio technology. Tesla demonstrated the radio-telegraphic transmitter and receiver in 1897, and the next year he built a boat, positioned in the marine near New York, and sailed it from the coastline. In the state of Colorado, he spread wireless signals from a distance of 1,000 km raised a broadcast, and obtained a tower. With this tower, Tesla switched to the father of radio technology. In Long Island, he raised a 57-meter tower and tested spreading large quantities of electrical energy for domestic and industrial necessities. Unidentified authors have demolished the tower.

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Tesla's Skills: testing the power limits

Tesla’s works were made through the use of intuition. His developments began with his visual image, which he then devoted to paper and, in a final step, practiced. He was the ruler of a magical world. His main encounter with these magical powers took place through his education in Graz and throughout his life, myths and legends about him were produced. Regarding the creation of mental images, occurrences led him to consider building a robot, alike the action of a human soul.

Tesla had a strange relationship and a huge love for animals, pigeons in particular. He nurtured and cared for pigeons, and his special relationship was with a pigeon with whom he connected extraordinarily.

In 1891, Tesla defined the universe as a kinetic system filled with energy, which can be reached from anywhere on our planet or from any other. Tesla learned the natural laws of the cosmos and came to new understanding and discoveries, but he believed that the time had not yet come to send his discoveries to the public. He suggested to a well-known artist, scientist, and writer Walter Russell to close their combined discoveries and conceal them so that no individual can find them in the following 1000 years, till humankind is mature enough to know them.

Nikola’s phobias and fears

He did not like feminine earrings, mainly pearls. The smell of camphor used to cause him to become uncomfortable. He calculated his steps while walking, and estimated the volume of food. In his lifetime, everything had to be divided by 3. Furthermore, he resided in room 3327 of the New Yorker Hotel, on the 33rd level. He didn't desire to touch somebody else's hair. Tesla used to say that in his need to reimburse his parents for the loss of his brother Danilo (few suspect Tesla of his death), he exposed Spartan discipline on himself. He trained his memory and his telepathy even when he was a kid. He had the capability for visual memory down to the last detail. When he was merely three years old, he learned about electricity thanks to his cat. When he pulled him by the tail, the cat's back lit up. It was a new experience that would later cause Tesla to become a well-known inventor.

He had a theatrical attitude when he dined, he arrived at dinner in an evening suit, at exactly the right time, accompanied to his table, the butler's service, and 12 towels to clean his hands and his dishes. He regularly drank a glass of hot milk.

Tesla achieved 15 honorary doctorates worldwide and spoke eight languages. In his honor, the magnetic induction unit is called Tesla. After building the Niagara Falls power plant, his childhood dream came true.

In addition to his other qualities, he had a sense of classiness, so he won numerous times the award for the best-dressed male on Fifth Avenue in New York. 

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