Analysis Of American And British Commentary Of Football

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Football is the most popular sport in the world. According to, it is estimated that more than half of the world’s population consider themselves to be football fans. This sport is played by majority of people around the world. Almost all people probably have seen a football match once in their life. When seeing a football match on the television, it always can be heard that the commentators are talking to each other to give detailed information about that match. As the development of the football industry increasing, most country wants to broadcast football matches in each region. To broadcast football matches, it is important to place commentators behind the microphone to make the match more attractive. Each region will try to place native commentators to make the audience comprehend the detail of the match, especially in Britain and America. Britain and America are examples of the country that have a big influence on the world of football. The researcher has found out that although they use the same language, football commentators of each country have differences in describing actions on the pitch. Based on the research conducted, the researcher found out that there are differences between American and British commentators in describing a moment in a football match.

To begin with, commentators need to describe every detail that is happening on the pitch. To make the audience to understand easily and fast, commentators will use a specific term to describe it. Each language has its own term. However, although British and American commentatorsuse the same language, they don’t share similar terms. British will say “whohas netted with eight of his 14 shots on target,” while American said “Gareth Bale hit a shot on frame”. Another example is “There must be something wrong with his cleats,” and “Andrea Belotti has lost his shooting boots.” The British commentators use term shots on target while American use shot on the frame to describe shots taken towards the goal. Americans use cleats while the British use boots. There are differences in how American and British people in using terms to describe a single moment.

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Moreover, words are very important for commentators. Deliver their thoughts in the form of sentences to the audiences are their job. They must pay attention to their pronunciation so that the audience can comprehend easily. Although Britain and America speak the same language, they do not share the same pronunciation. There is no difference when it comes to commentary. British and American commentators pronounce words differently. British people use Received Pronunciation while American uses American accent. It gives significant differences because it may give different atmosphere to a football match.An example of the difference between Received Pronunciation an American accent is shown on how they pronounce players. British will say /ˈpleɪə/, while American /ˈpleɪər/. People in Britain do not pronounce the sound of ‘r’ when it placed at the end.

In addition, commentators sometimes use jargon to make their job easier when it comes to describing the flow of the match, hat-trick, and free-kick for example. However, in America, commentators also borrow jargon of other sports to familiarize audiences of their region with the words. “They steal it to prevent the ball come closer to the keeper”; “The players areentering to offensive mode”. From the examples, can be seen that the American commentator uses other sports jargon, in this case, is basketball.

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