My Hobby Volleyball Essay

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The loud ringing noise of the bell echoed through the gym. The peering eyes of spectators as they looked onto the court. The bell meant that warm-ups were over, and the game would start soon. The coach had watched our warm-up with an intense gaze. The team gathered around the coach, adrenaline rushing waiting for the start of the game. The coach had her clipboard in hand. You could feel the intensity in the air, we stood around waiting for the game plan. The minutes turned to seconds as the play order was called by the coach. “Numbers 1, 9, 14, 18, 11, 5”. My number 11, was called I would be playing in the first set, often the first set initializes the mood for the rest of the game. The opposition was the O’Neil team currently in second on the leaderboard, if we beat them today second in the conference would be ours, and a chance for first would be given.

We took our places on the court, the polished floor reflecting the lights overhead. Our team had the serve, all focus shifted to the corner of the court. Number nines serve. The ref's whistle blasted throughout the gym signaling for her to serve. She dropped the ball to the floor waiting for it to return to her hand, then she spun it, making the years of practice look effortless. She tossed the ball into the air, and in the blink of an eye she hit and it went flying at a hundred miles per hour to the other team. As the ball sped towards the floor, a tall girl dove almost falling to the floor, the volleyball made contact with her hands and popped out into the air. The girl who hit it quickly recovered and swiftly returned to her spot. The team's setter, an average-height girl, with light hair messily pulled into a ponytail. Sped towards the ball standing under it waiting for it to descend she gracefully set the ball to the side, appearing to be going to the outside hitter. Two hitters sped toward the ball and simultaneously jumped. The outside hitter didn’t swing meaning it was a decoy. The ball hovered by the middle hitter, as their arm stretched and slammed the ball to the ground. The blockers jumped but the ball passed on the right just out of reach, It was heading towards my direction, it felt like slow motion, I got near the ball and popped it high into the air so the setter could get it. The setter set middle, and the middle hitter flew into the air, tipping the ball to the other team. The opposition was caught off guard, and their front line was too far back, the ball fell to the ground. 1-0 us.

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Lots of good rallies happened between our two teams, climbing for victory, with only one being able to claim that spot. The score is currently 24- 21, with us winning. Intense math is meeting its end, with us needing one point to win, but the other team only needs 4 points, it’s down to the wire, and anyone’s game.

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