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Motorcycle Essay Examples

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Mechanisms Of Fatigue In Off Road Motorcycle Athletes

Motorcycle racing is high speed, mentally challenging and physically demanding. Motorcycle racing includes; road racing, motocross, supercross, endurance and rally racing. Road racing is a speed contest on specially designed asphalt circuits. Motocross and supercross are off-road disciplines that feature man made dirt courses of...
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Commercial Motorcycle Use As The Type Of Transportation

Transportation is an indispensable aspect of human existence. It is the movement of humans, animals, and goods from one location to another. Over the years as human environment posed some challenges on the means of getting to one’s destination, there have been several modifications by...
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Commercial Motorcycle: Income Generation And Harsh Economy

The urban informal transport sub-sector, the motorcycle taxis, is gaining prominence in the Nigerian society as it has provided opportunities of self-employment and income generation. To throw more light on the above, the motorcycle taxis was said to have been rampant in the late 1980s...
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Restitution For Your Motorcycle Injury

Motorcycle riders are unfortunately prone to road accidents as compared to other road users because they are limited when it comes to protecting themselves. These accidents are becoming more rampant over the years and it is advisable that you take extreme measures to protect yourself...
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Colonialism In The Motorcycle Diaries

The 2004 biographical film, The Motorcycle Diaries, reveals the journey of the 23-year-old Ernesto “Fuser” Guevara. The movie takes place in 1952, where Ernesto, who is about to complete his medical degree, along with his friend Alberto Granado, a biochemist, leave Buenos Aires in order...
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The Improvement Of Suspension System Of Motorcycles

Early Motorcycles were developed after the inventions of bicycles and engines as an attempt to combine the two. In 1770, the first steam powered tricycle was manufactured by Nicolas Joseph Cugnot (3) in France, however presented numerous safety and reliability problems, meaning they would never...
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The Peculiarities Of Solar Powered Motorcycle

A solar vehicle is one of the most eco-friendly innovations in the world. With fossil fuels and oil being considered as non-renewable resources, sourcing energy from a non-depleting source can really drive sustainability. These sun-powered vehicles run on solar energy but can be supplemented by...
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Road Traffic Injuries Among Motorcycle Taxi Riders In Uganda

Introduction Road traffic crashes (RTCs) claim 1.35 million lives and cause 20–50 million injuries resulting in disability each year, particularly in low- and middle-income countries (WHO, 2018). In Uganda, road traffic injuries are a fast increasing public health problem and, currently, the tenth leading cause...
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