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With the changes in views of modern society, what are ethically acceptable and unpleasant lies with the individuals? Most of the people in society believe that they have the freedom to decide what is appropriate as far as their life is concerned however, some believe that it is not proper to interfere with nature especially when it regards life. This essay will outline three justifications for Euthanasia/Assisted death including quality of life, the emotional pain of losing self-reliance and autonomy, and three justifications against including the devaluation of life, abuse of the vulnerable, and discouragement for new research.

The main argument in favor of Euthanasia is that the standard of life the patient experiences during the disease even with medication is severe. In some cases, some argue that the medication will have no effect on the disease, therefore opt for Euthanasia as an alternative. The whole purpose in this instance is to relieve a patient from hopelessness life which maybe be seen as harmful. Dying for that person is a benefit as compared to being alive even with the best end-of-life care. For example, a cancer patient whose chemotherapy is not responding is immobile, and cannot fend for herself might try to commit suicide if Euthanasia is not regarded as appropriate as a way to relieve extreme pain.

Another reason is that there is fear of the unknown, some patients according to Phillipa Malpas, Maria Wilson, Nicola Rae, and Malcolm Johnson were afraid of losing self-dependency and afraid to ask for assistance because they didn’t want to be a burden to their family and friends. In a study that was done, some treatments had left patients financially unstable, and asking for aid from relatives was just impossible for them.

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Finally, most people believe they have the right to die, each patient should be able to choose how and when they want to die. It is believed that the patients are the ones in pain and must die with dignity. They should have a final say in how they want to spend their last days without any hesitation or have any guilt regarding their decision. Just like people have the freedom to marry who they want, should also apply when an individual wants to decide on how to end his or her life.

However, supporters against Euthanasia believe that it devalues life, the community’s appreciation of life will fade and people might end up not treasuring it. Keith Wilson in his study believes that life is extremely important and should be preserved at any cost, meaning that it must be lived to the last stage of it naturally. Thus, any artificial inference is regarded as inappropriate.

The advocates against Euthanasia also believe that gives too much power to medical expertise, which will lead to abuse. Doctors and nurses might dedicate less of their time to those that are terminally ill even though the patients still have hope which will result in them dying early than anticipated. Exposes helpless people, coercion from insensitive family members, less care of the extremely ill.

In summary, this essay has explained the arguments for and against assisted death. It explained the trauma the patient's experience, and the fear associated during the course of their diseases. It also mentioned how the patients have power over their lives and are entitled to choose how they what to end it. However, on the other hand, arguments against showed that life will not be treasured or valued, and many people will abuse those that are vulnerable. Scientists will lose confidence as people will be opting for an easy way out (assisted death).

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