Assisted Suicide And Euthanasia

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Etherisation, mercy killing or assisted suicide is exactly what it sounds like, suicide with assistance or killing to end suffering. But before you jump to a conclusion and claim that it is a cruel act let me tell you that it isn’t without its purposes. Assisted suicide is a choice that people can make when they have been in an accident or are badly sick and can’t live life like they use to. It is a simple procedure involving nothing but a needle filled with a serum that puts you to a painless end or simply being withheld from medication in order to not prolong a painful end. So is mercy killing really a mercy or is it just murdering with a different name? Should it be allowed in Australia? Is people getting this procedure a common occurrence? I’ll be discussing these three questions with you.

So is the act really humane or is it just sheer brutality? Well different people would all have a different opinion on this matter but the majority are probably still against it considering it is still not a league act. But before I get too far into this I want to tell you that people will commonly mistake euthanasian and assisted suicide as that same thing, but it’s not, yes they have the same end result but the procedure is different. Assisted suicide is when you are provided with the correct medical means necessary to see the act through but you have to do it yourself, etherisation is when a physician will step in and take an active role in the procedure. So with that out of the way well continue with the rest. So here are some facts about how the procedure is done. It can be carried out either by a physician or by yourself, it includes nothing but the serum necessary. There are a number of reasons that people will consider mercy killing, some reasons are chronic sickness or pain, mental illnesses and physical incapability, the patient feels no pain and it is entirely their choice to make, but if you still don’t think that this act should be legal hen let me ask you something, if someone you loved was in suffering from a chronic pain or illness, then wouldn’t you want them to find a quick end so they could find their peace or would you wish them to suffer through until they met their end in just a prolonged way? So this is really just making the inevitable happen in a quick and painless way and they get to choose when they go.

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These procedures are allowed in certain parts of the world under certain circumstances. Some of these places include Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, certain parts of the United States, Victoria in Australia and others. So don’t you think that this procedure should be allowed in all of Australia? Don’t you think that people who are in suffering should at least have a say in how and when they go? The rates of people who under took a mercy killing last year was in between 0.3% and 4.6% out of all reported deaths. So this isn’t exactly common but it defiantly isn’t unheard of.

So once again don’t you think that is should be made a league act.

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