Religion And Suicide

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All across the world, suicide is a leading cause of death, according to Andrew Wu’s work. Be that as it may, several sources have reviewed religion and spirituality and how these concepts impact someone’s mental health and view towards suicide being the answer. Religion and spiritualality can have a massive impact on how one views the world as well as what may happen after death. These ideas are important in protecting against suicide as well as lowering the suicide rate, in addition to improving mental health. This is due to religion instilling faith not only in ourselves but life as a whole. Not only can an individual have these feelings, but suicide tends to be less likely within a religious individual because they are sounded by those who have the same feelings and make them feel loved. Although, some may disagree with this idea, the overall consensus is that religion can truly change one’s frame of mind and keep mental health at its peak.

To begin, Wu’s work broadly expounds on suicide being a main source of death all over the world. The article states this about suicide, “ It is responsible for over 800,000 deaths per year and ranks among the top three leading causes of death for 15–44-year old’s” (Wu). Be that as it may, the article delves into the idea that religion and setting may have an impact on suicide. Religion accepts a protective role against suicide in a place where suicide research is driven. This effect is subject to the population and their religious setting. As needs be, researchers need to think about the social and religion of a populace when organizing suicide balancing activity strategies. Religion may play a key role in ensuring against suicide because it instils faith as well as confidence in the afterlife. Another reason spirituality may protect against suicide is because how important it is in a large majority of people’s everyday lives. Again, according to Wu, “ A 2010 Gallup poll of 114 countries revealed the median proportion of adults reporting religion to be an important part of their daily lives was 84% “(Wu). Religion enables individuals to feel engaged, make associations with the individuals who hold comparable convictions, and furthermore maintaining way of lifestyle.

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Moreover, in Danielle Jahn and Sally Spencer-Thomas article, a study on religion and the correlation on people’s mental health was done. Jahn and Thomas state, “A total of 1301 individuals bereaved by suicide provided 2443 free responses about their spiritual experiences based on four different prompts, which were analyzed using an inductive approach… For the overwhelming majority of participants, spiritual experiences such as a sense of presence have deep meaning and are often regarded as a positive source of healing and transformation after a suicide death”(Jahn, Spencer). Religion may aid the grieving process when someone commits suicide, as well as anyone effected by suicide. Talking about such experiences may be valuable in care groups for individuals affected by suicide, in psychotherapy, or in online discussions. Offering space to these individuals to process and understand spiritual experiences may improve the general mental condition of those affected. The bottom line is that religion very clearly has an impact on those who practice a religion. By opening up this discussion, the overall rate of suicide can be brought down, and as a result not be a worldwide cause of death. As well as removing the stigma about mental health from the conversation.

In the article written by Wagani and Colucci, they state that “The 160 students who were part of a spiritual community and were actively involved in spiritual practices who took part in this research largely indicated that spirituality helps to give them a sense of meaning in their lives, even when they are in difficult situations, including when they feel psychologically unwell”(Wagani, Colucci). The research demonstrated that religion and spirituality give them a sentiment of significance in their lives. Despite when they are in inconvenient conditions, including when they feel discouraged. The article talks about how religion is fundamental to improving one's life. Most of the members showed that spirituality, and furthermore religion gives them a way of life through measures and practices, for example, yoga and meditation. The research adds to the conversation that spirituality and religion generally guarantee against suicide. Religion as a whole can give people the mind set of avoiding unhealthy behaviors and to take care of the body God gave the person.

Nevertheless, there could very well be minimal or no relation to religion having an effect on one’s mental health. This idea is illustrated in Krysinka’s work. The author’s study delves deeper to answer the question, does religion improved suicidal tendencies? The research conducted in the article included 10,588 men 18 or older. The research team divided the groups of men as followed; No suicidal tendencies, reemitted suicidal tendencies, new suicidal tendencies, and chronic suicidal tendencies. Research came to the conclusion that religion protected those with new suicidal tendencies. Men who had chronic suicidal tendencies and had turned to religion had a positive impact. However, there was no significant impact to the remaining groups. As this study states, half of the participants from the study were somehow effected by religion. Nonetheless, half of the participants had no effect from being spiritual or religious. This completely makes sense for those of whom had no suicidal tendencies. These participants had no reason to look for a higher power to believe in from the beginning. This would be the reason that the participants who had no suicidal tendencies to not be effected by religion or spirituality. Moving on to reemitted suicidal tendency participants, the reasoning is quite similar. These participants are not really experiencing any distress so again why they would look to a higher power to fix anything. The fact that religion and spirituality seem to have an impact on mental health and suicidal tendencies is no coincidence .

In summation, religion and spirituality can effect a person not only physically, but psychologically as well. By avoiding negative habits and embracing the positive ones, people with a spiritual outlook on life tend to have lower rates of suicide as well as fewer mental health issues. Not to say those who are religious do not encounter setbacks and obstacles in life. However, their religious beliefs aid them to be able to handle the problem and come out of the experience stronger. Although some may beg to differ on the concept of religion playing a positive role on one’s mental health, there is a very strong correlation between the two. By believing in something that is bigger than oneself, such as a religion or being spiritual, it allows one to feel overall more positive in relation to mental health.

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