The Reasons For Mercy Killing Legalization

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The word euthanasia (greek term meaning good death) or mercy killing is the act of painless killing of suffering patients to relieve them from the pain they are experiencing. Euthanasia can be carried out either by doing something, such as administering a lethal injection, or by not doing something necessary to keep the person alive. A person who undergoes euthanasia is usually terminally or has a disease that will lead to death within weeks or months

Countries that allows euthanasia are: Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Columbia, Canada, USA not all states, Australia. People have divided into two groups: some say euthanasia is the matter of choice, even when it comes to choosing death. The other group claims that we shouldn't give the doctors the power of offering death to people who may not even realize the decision they make. What I think is that taking life from a person who wants to end up sufferings is mercy.

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Now let's take a look at the reasons on why euthanasia should be legalized.

Firstly it relieves suffering, if a terminal patient faces a painful, slow death surely it is much kinder to spare them this kind of suffering and allow them to end their life comfortably. Euthanasia make it possible to die with dignity and in control of the situation. Terminally ill means terminally ill, in other words the patient, unless an absolute miracle happens, will die eventually of how many intervention it takes to make his och her life longer. If we look at the issue from an economic perspective the time and money could be used to help others who have a chance to get better.

Secondly all human beings have the right to decide their career path, who they spend their life with, where they live and whether to bear children or not. So what is the problem in allowing terminally ill patients to decide for themselves where and how to die? It is not logical that we can choose in all those other decisions if we can not first choose to live or die.

Moreover all human beings have a legal right to decide when and how to die, as demonstrated by the fact that suicide is legal in Sweden since 1856. This right is denied to those who are incapable of taking their own lives.

Moving on to one of the benefits of euthanasia, organ donation. People who would like to end their suffering early can also donate their organs. Doctors will have a chance to examine the vital organs to see if they can be donated. At later stages of many terminal illnesses, organs are severely weakened and, in some cases, failing. Which means that it may not be possible to use them at that point.

If we allow abortion, we must allow euthanasia. How is it logical that a woman can choose to have her fetus killed but not herself. The euthanasia patient is already dying and requests death in his own interest. A doctor can kill a healthy fetus in the interest of a third person but can’t kill a terminally ill patient in his own interest.

However, abortion is not just about killing one human (the fetus) to help another (the mother), it can be difficult to solve some problems of pregnancy without abortion but it still does not make sense.

In contrast to this is those who claims that doctors mustn’t be empowered to offer death to people because a patient doctor relationship does not remain as trustworthy as it should be. och läkarna har lovat att rädda att patienter men But DNR, Do Not Resuscitate order is legal in all hospitals. A DNR order on a patient’s file means that a doctor is not required to resuscitate a patient if their heart stops and it is designed to prevent unnecessary suffering. A DNR order can be regarded as a form of passive euthanasia so why is it legal to have DNR but not euthanasia.

To summarize, Euthanasia should only be approved in hopeless cases after several experienced doctors have examined the case and found that the person has a disease that will lead to death within weeks or months. The patient should also receive all psychological support to understand what they are asking for and also know that they can stop the whole process at any time if they regret it.

In the end, death is a tangible option for those who are suffering and do not see life as an option any longer. Many see it as inhumane and religiously wrong, but we must also see it from the eyes of the patient.

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