Birth Control: For Or Against?

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According to Sel’s study, the form of female “Birth control has been used since ancient times, but effective and safe methods of birth control only became available in the 20th century” (Sel 616). Although female contraceptives are good for young teens and many adults, contraceptives are not always easy for everyone to get ahold of if they don't have good health insurance or funds. Many forms of female birth control can be extremely pricey for a young teen that has strict parents or a homeless woman. This could make getting the contraceptives almost impossible to get ahold of. The national health care systems across the world should make it easier for the females that have this problem to get the help that they desperately need.

Unwanted pregnancies could be hard on a young teen, free birth control could decrease nasty, unsafe abortions. Female contraceptives stop unwanted teen pregnancies because if used the right way it's very effective on making the girl to not ovulate. With birth control being free, all girls could have access to this form of protection, with this the abortion rates won’t be towering like they are today. If a young girl was to get pregnant she could perform an unsafe, ugly abortion herself or she could go to an untrained doctor because it's cheaper. If she was to do this she could permanently harm her body that could affect her in several ways. Researcher Agyemang talking about young females said, “Most of these pregnancies are associated with poor outcomes such as miscarriages, stillbirths, unsafe abortions and other complications that might result in infant or mortality” (Agyemang 1). A young girl in high school or even college doesn't have a lot of money so providing female contraceptives cheap would help her in many ways.

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Sometimes females can't always get ahold of the items they need to help them when they are bleeding. Female contraceptives can help with this problem because birth control can either decrease or completely stop the bleeding. In Yoost’s article, she talks about how “Up to 58%- 63% of women may continue to ovulate with LNG IUDs, yet will have decreased menstrual bleeding due to the progestin effect on the endometrium” (Yoost 948). Many females don't make enough money to provide themselves with pads or tampons. Also, a female could run out of either one in a horrible time and that could cause a bigger problem because blood could bleed through the clothing ruining it and it would also get on the seat. This is not only embarrassing but unsanitary for the people around the seat. Making birth control free would make this problem easier to handle for everyone that's involved.

Acne can ruin a person's self-esteem making them unconfident and sometimes depressed but free birth control could help with this problem. People that have acne are often made fun of or picked on because people associate acne with uncleanliness when that's not always the case. Acne is something that can happen to a female at almost any time in her life but for some, they try covering it up with facial products to hide that the acne is they’re often making it worse. The US National Library of Medicine said: “If girls and women who have acne use the birth control pill as a form of contraception, it may also have a positive effect on their complexion” (US National Library of Medicine 1). Being on birth control can help a female with this problem of embarrassment that's holding her back from things in life. Birth control will help a female to not be afraid of going out in public so that women can be a successful member of her town by contributing herself.

Understandably, there are those who disagree with the fact that female birth control should be free. Some people think it's not the government's job to help out these girls and women in need. However, females don't always have the funds to care for a child, causing the government to provide for the child either through an orphanage or food stamps. Making birth control free for all females would, in the end, be cheaper for the government. Saving the money that the government would use to help an unwanted child could be used in much better ways. Don't the people want to help our government save our tax dollars to be used for better ways that could help more members of the community out?

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