Essay on My Experience in Volunteering at a Hospital

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My interest in Radiotherapy stems from my independent research into cancer treatment, in which I explored the use of several treatments such as chemotherapy, external beam and internal radiation therapy, and immunotherapy. It was during this period that I took notice of Radiotherapy and the appeal of combining Science and Technology with patient interaction. I believe the quality of having a caring spirit is a much-needed attribute, especially since a large aspect of the job requires supporting those who need treatment and consistent care. My ability to contend with issues in a sensitive manner has consequently spurred me to pursue a career that has quality of care at its heart, along with several scientific and technological developments with important roles in safely extracting abnormal tissues and treating tumors whilst ensuring that the surrounding tissue isn't damaged. Given the opportunity, I hope to use the skills I have acquired to make a substantial difference to the patients I could encounter.

I've always relished the challenge of supporting people of different ages, personalities, and attitudes, and my volunteering has enabled me to go out into the wider community and put these skills into action. Whilst volunteering at a care home, I interacted with a range of people and discovered that both my confidence and interpersonal skills improved greatly. One of the many things I enjoyed about volunteering was building relationships with some of the residents and supporting the staff with activities such as gardening and handing out meals. It was even better knowing that some of the residents had someone to talk to since loneliness is a common feeling among them. Interacting with people with different experiences of life helped me develop a deeper insight into how many people are benefiting from services within the health and social care sector.

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Alongside my volunteering, I joined the North Bristol NHS Trust as a domestic cleaner, assisting staff with the cleaning of wards and carrying out infection-control deep cleans. Not only has this given me a greater understanding of working in a healthcare environment, but I found myself with a growing appreciation of the work done by medical professionals in a challenging but rewarding workplace. Making sure the surroundings were routinely cleaned made me feel as if I contributed to a more orderly, hygienic working space. I discovered incredibly quickly that you can never allow yourself to be too comfortable in such unpredictable situations. One memory I have involved a patient accidentally dropping some glass in their room, and with no other domestic on the floor, I had to pause what I was doing and assist the nurses in clearing the mess. I took away a valuable lesson after that; there is nothing more important, especially in a medical setting, than working collectively to ensure patient safety and that every person, no matter the role, is crucial to the running of a hospital. As is expected in a hospital, the patient's health and well-being are thought of at every stage. Tasks such as using the correct bin liners when changing the waste so as to avoid contamination, or ensuring the room has been successfully deep cleaned after a patient has been discharged must be carefully carried out. My experiences of working in a hospital and volunteering have shown me the importance of communication skills and working efficiently, attributes that are unquestionably vital for a Therapeutic Radiographer.

My participation in an expedition both tested and reinforced my leadership and teamwork abilities. Our group struggled to carry on at times and it was important that we stayed together and supported each other throughout, whether that was by helping each other with the map routes or trying not to leave people behind. The most important aspect I learned was the need to know how to bring out the stronger qualities and talents of people within the group so that the workload and knowledge could be spread out. Additionally, I’ve aimed to broaden my knowledge of the course by reading works from RAD Magazine and have been regularly informing myself on current issues from a vast range of standpoints, from articles advocating for more MRI safety education in the NHS due to the growing number of preventable incidents caused by inadequate supervision, to reports evaluating the benefits and challenges of practice in breast radiotherapy. Exploring the breadth of discussions within Radiotherapy allows me to expand my understanding further, helping me to start the course with better familiarity with the subject. I also play the violin and take part in various ensembles outside school.

The career path I have chosen requires a great deal of emotional resilience and tenacity. Crucially, I am confident that I have exhibited the desired skills and qualities to thrive in the Therapeutic Radiography degree.

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