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My Grandfather Passed Away: College Essay

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My grandfather died in 2016. I was at school at lunch period. It was a normal day, like any other. Since it was Friday, my tray carried a piece of square, cardboard-tasting pizza. As I walked through the half-empty cafeteria, I looked for my table of friends. I knew, unlike most other students, none of my friends would have cut, so I found them quickly. We laughed and joked for a while. Little did I know that as I was shoveling bland pizza into my mouth, my grandfather passed away during his afternoon nap.

My dad was going to pick me up from school that day, which rarely happened because I take the train home most days. I walked up to his car, a 2011 silver Toyota Tacoma, and sat in the seat beside him. After a while, I realized that he wasn't saying anything to me like “How was school”, that’s when I realized that something happened.

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Then he started talking about how life goes on if something tragic happens, that you can always overcome it by just coping with others that have the same feelings as you. I started to think about what happened and who died. I was wondering who could it be, someone very close or someone in our family that I really don’t know, but I will still be feeling the same emotions if it was anybody in my family. When I and my dad came home, we open the door and I saw my mom in her bedroom, her eyes were as watery as a flooded river during a storm. I saw her and she saw me, she gave me the biggest hug of her life, we both started crying, we both were talking about the good times we had with our grandpa Mario. We both remembered the best moments that we had with him and started talking about him all night long.

My grandpa had a huge impact on my life because he was always there for me when I was at the ranch playing around, if I got scuffed up, he always helped me get back up. I really liked that my grandfather was a hard-working man and always helped me around the clock when I still lived in the Dominican Republic.

I overcame his death by coping with my mom and my dad of the good times that we had and taking his death off my mind but not forgotten. I think that’s why I overcame his death so well because of these actions that I did that affect me so well onto the future of my life and my family too. God forbid if someone dies in your family, you can always overcome it by doing other things that you love.

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