My Kidnapped Story: Personal Narrative Essay

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I have been through a rough time when I lost hope that I would live. I was 13 years old and very gullible, having a gun to my head made me realize the value of life. Life is worth more than anything and we should enjoy it to the fullest. Getting kidnapped wasn’t a pleasant experience for me or my family.

I was 13 years old and very immature, living in Pakistan, and used to go to a private school. I used to play cricket on an old empty school ground near my house which was open to the public. I would come home from school at around 3 p.m. and go down to the school where my friends and I would gather so we could play. One day, as I was coming home from school, I had left earlier than usual, and I saw a guy on a motorbike coming close and then he stopped next to me.

I was not sure who he was and why he stopped his motorbike next to me. He looked like he was 20 years old. He started talking to me and asking me about personal stuff.

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I was innocent and didn't know how to respond. Then suddenly, I saw a car coming towards where we were standing. The guy in the car looked to be around 30 years old. He got out of the car and started to fight with the one talking to me. This was making me feel so uncomfortable I didn’t know how to respond. The guy on the bike then just got on his bike and fled. I tried to walk away, but the guy who approached me in the car held my arm tightly and wouldn’t let go. He asked if the dude on the bike gave me any of his money. I told l him I have no clue and asked him to let go of me, to please let me go. I screamed for help, but no one heard me. He didn’t let me go, put his gun to my head, and told me to sit in the car. I was scared and I did as he says. Suddenly my cousin saw me, but he was so far away that he couldn’t do anything. He ran to me, but the guy started the engine and we took off in the car.

I was very nervous and a little kid I was. I asked him where he is taking me. He just told me to keep my mouth shut or he will shoot me. He drove the car at over 100 miles per hour. I didn’t know how to respond or what to do. But I realized I was being kidnapped since that was happening a lot in those days. After a thirty-minute drive, we reached someone’s house. After we went in, he introduced me as his friend and told me the other people are his family members. I was too scared to open my mouth. As we sat, they offered us lemonade. I couldn’t drink it. Suddenly he received a call and got out of the room. It was his brother's call, and he is a cop. His brother told him to let me go because the tag number of his car had been recognized and he was being chased by the police. He came to me, talked very nicely, and handed me a fifty-rupee bill. He said we had a good time and it was nice meeting me and that I can leave now. I walked out not knowing where I am. I was walking down the road, there were a lot of people, and some guy stopped me and asked who I am: “We have never seen you around”. I was nervous and told him everything that has happened. He asked me if there is someone who he can call for me. I gave him my dad's number and he informed my family. In just a few minutes, I saw my dad with all the people from my area along with police cars coming towards me. They all hugged me and we drove down to the police station. When I got there, I could already see that my kidnapper has been arrested. My family was crying and hugging me. After giving the report to the police officers, we asked permission to leave and drove home. As I reached home, I saw the crowd, including friends and family at my house. They all hugged me and cried. I felt so lucky to have come back alive.

This period that I went through made me realize how lucky I am to be alive. Since then, I have lived every moment of my life knowing how it could have been. I thank God for saving my life from such a critical situation. I didn’t value life before this incident, but I do now.

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