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As Elias waited in the hallway, the light above his head was blinking, he was deeply thinking. The decision to send out the men was announced and Elias knew that trouble was knocking on the door. 70 men from the We Are Right (WAR) military group were sent to stop the enemy forces of about 500 men, the goal was to push the enemy back from a civilian school with children and teachers inside and keep the civilians safe, then escort them alive. For several days, the 70 held their ground. However, the enemy outnumbered the WAR men 7 to 1 and were better equipped. The 70 was cut down to 20, and both the enemy and the WAR team knew they could not last another night of fighting, so they began evacuating the school in the dark, sending one of the first WARs to lead the way. The remaining men would hide under the bodies of their dead brothers who fell executing the mission.

The sound of bullets in their ears and blood from their fallen brothers cover them and in another way change them to beasts. As the enemy marched near the remaining 20 rose from the sand and by the time the enemy approached, they were like hunters that were invisible. Because of extreme stealth and desperate times, these men took down enemies like it was a practice round. The enemy could not defend against their power. When the men ran out of ammunition for their guns, they used their bayonet blades at the end of their guns, and when the blades turned dull, the men used their hands to make sure the enemy did not advance in their land. When the war sound had settled, only one of the enemy soldiers had survived wandering aimlessly and traumatized from what he had seen in the battle against the last 20 of the WAR squad. He warned others of a force so powerful it can only be described as supernatural or out of this world. Among the last 20 standing men, Whitley Strieber stood tall with the remaining men adrenaline rushing through his veins. The enemy, or the federation had been standing on the doors of America waiting for the kill and at that time they thought America was weak, but the men fought hard against the federation, and they fought well in many bloody battles. just beyond the craters of no man's land, the men found themselves fighting a defensive war against a larger and more powerful enemy. No man's land is where the vicious battles took place, the federation pushed for control, and the Americans pushed to keep their control. During battles in no man’s land, the WAR squad had a reputation that frightened the enemy and was feared by the enemy.

Strieber and Neil, were the two men many people spoke of, the ghosts. In one of the stories told about the men, they were headed to San Diego to rescue their man Alex who was one of their finest men from the federation territory, and someone dared to challenge the ghosts. As they went deeper into federation territory they had a theory of where they could be hiding Alex who needed a lot of effort to be held back, they needed to break him out. When the theory was confirmed and the men knew where the federation army locked up Alex the men came up with a plan. Both Strieber and Neil start off in a losing position to distract the enemy since there are so many more of the enemy. Although everyone on the team knew this might end up bad for the two men and potentially for the whole squad, but they also know that leaving a comrade behind makes them not worthy of calling themselves WAR men. “Weapons free,” said Strieber to Neil before both opened fire on more than 200 armed men from the federation. The situation was clear since the first bullet fired, the element of surprise had caught the Federation men off guard, but as soon as the armed men got to cover and reloaded, they started to fire back. Both Neil and Strieber run to a car and Neil takes the wheel. The goal is to break Alex free from the federation and he can help the men escape out of there with no casualties and a successful rescue mission. But after the federation men had taken cover and were able to get a grip on the situation their cars started up and boxed Neil and Strieber to try to stop the madmen. Strieber starts shooting out of the window and throws out a grenade as Neil turns inside the stadium. The men take cover as the federation army tries to get back to position and recover from the fire taken by Neil and Strieber as they continue pushing through to keep the momentum going and stay in control. Meanwhile, the other WAR men rush in from different points of the stadium with grenade launchers to aid Neil and Strieber before they get steamed by the federation who outnumber them by a great amount. The men advanced and were able to get the federation army in a spot where they had more advantage through height advantage. The men were able to push the enemy into a smaller circle as smoke grenades went off and army men advanced to take more control of the stadium. Wiping out as many federation men as possible, the men saw a lot of success in the invasion to get their squad member Alex back from the federation but still were unable to successfully retrieve him.

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Strieber and Neil knew there was not enough time until the federation army sent more men to the stadium to fight them off and the mission would be a failure. Neil busts into one of the locker rooms at the stadium where they encounter a large group of the federation army holding Alex captive. Neil and Strieber know not to throw a grenade or make any risky moves as to keep Alex safe. The men deploy their guard dog Cannon who creates distress and is an unexpectedly strong enemy to the group Federation Army Neil and Strieber pick them off one by one as Cannon is attacking giving the Federation Army one more surprise attack to deal with. Cannon then rushes to Alex who had trained him most of his army tricks through familiar scent. When Cannon, Neil, and Strieber find Alex, he is tied down to a chair with his clothes torn off and shows clear signs of torture as there is blood all over his body and he is unconscious. As soon as the ghosts find Alex they inform the rest of the squad members to move out. Unfortunately for Strieber, as they were escaping back from San Diego into a safe zone, a Federation Army vehicle was driving around for a routine patrol around the area where Federation men spotted him on his own and were able to capture him due to being alone and outnumbered. Even as strong as Strieber is he knows the odds are not in his favor so he turns himself in with no fight so they don’t kill him.

When the Federation men brought him back to their commander, Strieber was put through torture and inhumane conditions for several days until the Federation men thought he was dead. In reality, he escaped, barely. His body was thrown out but a woman found his body while with her husband and decided to check on him, he was very lightly breathing. The woman and her husband helped Strieber and brought him to their home where he recovered for the next few days. When he woke up he suddenly rose out of bed and from that moment on, his life was changed. He can hardly recall anything that happened to him but still remembers before getting captured. Strieber went through stages after getting captured of extreme and strange effects that could only be described as a near-death experience. As he described it first starts off with peace and a sense of being well. He then recalls a distinct separation from the body feeling and entering a dark place with a light that appeared in a very far distance as far as his eyes can see. Strieber then describes it as entering the world of light where you get really close to the light at the end of the darkness to come back to life. A few months later he starts to recall some of the events and the memories start to haunt him.

In my world, I placed Strieber in the war between the american army and the Federation Army which has a plan to take over the continent and ruin it. Striber is in a squad where they carry out missions that end with killing or getting killed. In the story Strieber and his squad start off on a mission to save children and teachers from a school where they were trapped by the Federation Army who outnumbered them 7 to 1. I chose to be specific because that helps create an image to the reader of the kind of missions the WAR squad had to carry out as well as gain the readers’ trust by being specific with numbers. I also found theories to be an interesting topic for me reading the Schick chapters and wanted to include a theory in the story where one of Strieber’s squad members gets captured and they come up with a theory of where their man is. In Schick's chapter 8, he talks about how just because a group of people believe something to be true doesn't make it true and that is also one of the reasons I implemented an abduction theory. In Chapter 5 Schick explains confirmation bias and by not including a theory I felt like I would be giving that off to the readers or creating a fallacy because of not having a theory or stating that the men knew where Alex was. I felt like without changing the nature of the character I need to show more of the original character and why he does things a certain way or as to why his nature is the way it is. Later in the story, Stieber gets captured as well where he gets tortured which adds to the emphasis of why Striber has the nature he has. Near-death experiences as talked about by Schick is a topic that I felt goes hand in hand with the world I chose to place Strieber as well as the story. Since the story mostly has to do with fighting I chose to put Strieber in a situation where he gets captured by the Federation Army where they torture him to the point where they think he is dead. When he woke up “He can hardly recall anything that happened to him but still remembers before getting captured. Strieber went through stages after getting captured of extreme and strange effects that could only be described as a near-death experience.” In the story, Striper finds himself alone in a federation-controlled territory and they are looking for him. He gets recognized and turns himself in without a fight, hoping they will not kill him and it worked in his way. Although he came very close to death he ended up surviving. Schick describes near-death experiences as happening in 5 different stages where the person is first at peace and goes through the tunnel vision phase. I also included the 5 stages and described them from Striber’s perspective being the victim of a near-death experience. I also included that the memories of the torture and what he had been through with the WAR squad as he was recovering to give the reader the idea that Striber was going through PTSD after his near-death experience as mentioned by Schick. I also wanted to add emphasis on why the men cared so much to do all that and go through with all the intense missions so I talked about “When the men ran out of ammunition for their guns, they used their bayonet blade at the end of their guns, and when the blades turned dull, the men used their hands”. The main use for quotes that are moving and motivational is to show the readers the men were devoted to what they did and cared about it more than to ever give up. This was to give the reader the understanding that seeing their mates who were on the team with them go down turned them into monsters who did not care how or when but had a goal of killing every last one of the enemy forces adding emphasis that events turned the men vicious and bloodthirsty.

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