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Having an allergy to peanuts is characterized by serious anaphylactic reactions, which usually has lifelong persistence. In the United States of America, tree nuts and peanuts are among some of the most common food allergens that produce an anaphylactic reaction in humans. This fact is concerning because seemingly harmless substances like dust, gluten, milk, and shellfish should not be of concern to people. If one were to also look at the difference between rates in the United States versus the...
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Chapter 1. Introduction The suspended pollen grains in the air reach the human respiratory track through inhalation, triggering a type of seasonal allergy called pollen allergy. Pollen is one of the most widespread allergies of all the things that can cause an allergy (PMD, 2017). Airborne pollen grains are important aeroallergens that may cause allergic rhinitis and asthma in human beings (D'Amato et al., 2007). Pollen grains that cause allergy are usually very small in size and can easily reach...
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Chapter one. Introduction 1.1 Brief history of inheritance The origins of genetics i.e study of inheritance lie in the development of theories of evolution. It was in 1858 that the origin of species and how species variability was developed after the research of Charles Darwin and Wallace. They described how new species arose through evolution and how natural selection occurred to evolve new forms. Around the same time Gregor Mendel an Austrian Monk also described the unit of hereditary as...
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The human body has an intricate system of mechanisms that protect and defend the body from germs and disease. As a whole, this system is known as the immune system. Although the whole body is involved in this intricate system, the white blood cells play an extremely important role. There are many different types of white blood cells and they each play a critical role in the case of an allergic reaction. The first time a person eats a food...
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Cow’s milk protein allergy Abstract Cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA) is caused by an immune-mediated response to milk proteins and tends to present during the first year of life. This response can vary greatly from an immediate reaction within 2 hours of ingestion to a more delayed reaction which can occur anywhere between 2 to 72 hours later. Overdiagnosis can lead to an unnecessary elimination diet but a delay in diagnosis can cause child and parental distress. It can also...
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Sneezing, runny nose, red eye, itching... No doubt, the pollens are back. How can we protect ourselves from it? What are effective treatments? When the good days come, your eyes sting and tearful, your nose runs, you sneeze. The signs don't deceive, you're probably allergic to pollen, a common health problem. We tell you more about the symptoms and treatment of this allergy. Pollen allergy is more specific to the age of 20 plus. However, kids can also face pollen...
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Apparently, when I was little I was given tennis Ilyn and had terrible hives. And the pediatricians told my parents that, if I was ever given it again I would die. So my entire life I was told that if I ever took penicillin it would kill me. Over 95% of people labeled as penicillin or allergic or not despite the fears expressed by this patient. And those like her for most people penicillin antibiotics are safe. And effective there...
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Food allergies are a frequent concern globally, especially in developed countries such as Europe and America (Gowland and Walker, 2014) and this concern is growing rapidly, with prevention as the most recommended treatment (Pieretti et al., 2009). There are cases of allergic reaction ranging from mild to severe, two of which fatal cases happened in the United Kingdom in this last decade. This brings up a question of what we can do to further prevent allergies. This essay will try...
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