Environmental Factors Contribute To The Development Of Obesity

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The problem of obesity has developed into an epidemic in the past few years. The number of overweight people in the world is growing. Obesity can cause more serious consequences, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and psychological problems. Therefore, I will point out the causes of obesity and the measures that can be taken from the perspective of the food industry.

The root cause of obesity is energy imbalance. From the global perspective, it could be cited for several reasons. First, high-calorie foods contain more fat. When heat enters the body, in addition to being converted to the body's desired substances, the excess is converted to fat. Therefore, if we eat too much and exceed the part of human body consumption, it might cause obesity.

The second reason is that people may lack physical activities. Changes in social productivity drive the development of production tools, which has changed the way people live and work. Many people spend most of their time at home and in the office because they tend to be too lazy, the sympathetic nerves become dull, and the energy consumption is also degraded. The excess energy in the body is converted into fat accumulation, which is easy to be obese.

Obviously, Many people eat things related to emotions and psychology. At this stage, as the pace of life continues to accelerate, people are tempted to eat food, especially greasy and sweet foods, because of emotional frustration or stress at work. These foods can give people a strong sense of comfort and satisfaction. In order to eliminate the stress caused by excessive stress, there are many people who eat too much.

Studies have shown that there is a linear relationship between obesity and income. Obesity is concentrated in the rich in low-income countries and the poor in high-income countries. This is because the food products and prices sold by food companies in high-income countries are relatively good, attracting low-income people with the greater appeal, which may cause problems such as excessive diet.

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Environmental factors contribute to the development of obesity, while genes affect whether obesity is susceptible. There are multiple obesity genes in the human body that can keep people's appetite growing. Quite a lot of obese people have a certain family tendency. Parents with obesity have more obesity among their children and siblings, which may be related to genetics and may be related to their same bad habits.

In addition to the above-mentioned causes of primary obesity, obesity may also be related to health problems. In some cases, medical care can lead to obesity, especially some psychotropic substances. Because of the long-term use of drugs, these drugs may cause endocrine disorders, eventually leading to obesity.

From a genetic point of view, the control of obesity is more difficult due to the complexity of the human body mechanism and the influence of multiple obese genes. Therefore, for the food industry, the key method of weight reduction from a global perspective is more feasible.

As the supplier of products, the food industry is sensitive to the needs of consumers. So they can work to create new health needs for consumers. For example, they can gradually change the taste of consumers and provide healthy products by improving product formulations, controlling the number of related substances, and gaining market share while developing new products.

While the food industry is practicing corporate social responsibility, it needs to ensure its own profits. Therefore, they can cooperate with other stakeholders, such as the government and the media, to promote health products online and to enhance corporate visibility. On the other hand, they can get support in product upgrades and technology development.

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