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Management Responsibilities In Problem Solving

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Problem is the deviation of target and actual result which is identified by a good sensible person in a company. Contemporary business world are admitting many problems. Perceiving problems in right time is a relevant skill for business which helps an entrepreneur to reach a perfect solution. Business problem needs a systematic approach to solve to gain long term benefit reducing the maximum risk. Encountering new problem involves finding root cause of problem and probable solution to continue a business with utmost recognition. In most of the cases repeated problems need to be dealt with modern approaches to get better sustainability. From identifying the nature of problem and urgency to solve it to application of different solution, HR manager has to involve in whole process with utmost sincerety.

Overview of A sample Business Organisation

Tesco is holding the largest market share in grocery company in Europe since 1990 operating in 11 other countries in the world. From 1960s Tesco has emerged as business retailer of various products in one place such as retailing of clothing, food, beverage items, books, toys, electronics, furniture, petrol, software, telecoms and internet services. In high-volume low-cost retailer, to one designed to attract a range of social groups by offering products ranging from low-cost ‘Tesco Value’ items (launched 1993[9]) to its ‘Tesco Finest’ range. This broadening of its appeal was successful and saw the chain grow from 500 shops in the mid-1990s to 2,500 shops fifteen years later.

A problem that exists within a business.

After the commencement of business functions, entrepreneurs may fail to sense, what is the problem going on. He or she may be busy in the checking the daily input and output. When there is any difference between expectation and achievement, manager may realize the urgency of identifying an existing problem. Initially symptoms are complex to reach in a conclusion. Process for problem identification is discussed below:

  • State the problem which is initially noticed.
  • Create a detailed problem description by developing the answer of following points.
  • Mention the time of problem appearance
  • Mention the factors for the occurrence in the problem
  • Mention in what extent the problem affects the business
  • Acknowledge the specific factors that are responsible for the problem.

Tesco is one of the giant retailers in the world offering a wide range of branded products with exceptional choice for its loyal customer. Tesco is facing tremendous employee turnover rate last three months after the Christmas festival. Employers are being tried to say goodbye to many potential newly recruited employees with poor customer service.

The business problem

Identifying the possible business failure, Tesco require some following steps for analyzing the failure.

  • Finding out the specific deviation from expectation is the first step in analyzing a problem. For example, expected sales are deceasing due to poor salesmanship which lead to firing of low quality employee
  • Bringing accurate evidence which need to be presented to proof that the problem is real. Tesco bring the proof of customer complaint against poor salesmanship through customer survey.
  • Determining the possible positive and negative impact of sudden employee turnover by Tesco Company.

Causes of the problem

Treating the problem with perfect solution important than treating the symptoms. Once root cause of problem is identified. If we take our example from Low sales figures will be changed into high number by competitor behaviour, to team morale/low incentive, or even technology factors which are hindering the sales process. Even when problems are correctly identified, they are often not given the attention they deserve nor the action they require. Once you know what the problem really is, you must take action to solve it. Try this approach to come up with some potential solutions to act upon in the solution. By spending some time looking at the problem from an open and objective perspective, you will be able to generate a clearer picture of the factors that need to be addressed in the solution. Create two vertical columns on a page. In the left column, list all the factors you can think of. Identify potential solutions that address or all of the factors. In the right column of the page, write down potential solutions beside each factor to be addressed. Choose the most creative solution.

To avoid possible misunderstanding and frustration among the stakeholders and managers, HR manager should discuss with them regarding the issues whether they agree with the situation. Effective explanation of real situation determines the unity of the management to deal with struggling situation. There are many questions we can make for further clarification and confirmation. For instance, “Customer complaints are increasing due to poor performance of salesmanship, do you think it is the result of insufficient training and professional development?” Authenticity and clarity is the premium condition for confirmation. Asking feedback and suggestion is also a part of confirmation.

Different solutions to the problem

In case of arising problem more ideas should be developed to solve the issues which will reduce the risk of uncertain solution. For different solution employer may use grid to compare the advantages and disadvantages of solution. To reduce employee turnover there will be three expectable solutions.

  • Arranging quality training to improve the performance.
  • Offering bonus with salary on sales according to percentage.
  • Increase sales person by recruiting more efficient person.

Among the solution employer need to compare the advantage and disadvantage of each solution before applying. Measuring the feasibility and possible risk factors in each solution is important.

Tesco may listen to the complaints and opinion of the existing employees about the poor outcome and the reason which is also considerable in this issue. When both parties are suffered by a problem, agreement from all staff and members is important to reach a more feasible solution.

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A plan to solve the problem

Business solution should not be technology dependent in great extent rather it should include people and process as a whole. One problem has more than one solution which requires a sensible working environment to cooperate and understand how the solution will work. Constraints may come like poor budget, less time, lack of concern about quality training. A following action plan is shown below:

  • Select a suitable and feasible approach for solution implementation
  • Build a team to carry out the procedure
  • Delegate the required roles to the eligible team members
  • Monitor the progress of action plan
  • Measure the feedback according to desired output
  • Review the process or steps if any deviation happens in problem solving procedure

Every way out will be entangled with some flaws along with benefits when employer thinks analytically from all possible angles. Tesco is selecting the most effective and easiest way out after a comparative analyzing constraints and factors. There is no best option other than to choose arranging special workshop and training for the newly recruited employees.

HR team of TESCO will follow up every single changes whether positive, negative or neutral until a given of time. If the outcome of the experiment completely or partially successful, we can give quick assurance to the higher management for the further experiment.

Responsibilities to support the plan

Delegating preferred role and specific responsibilities to the qualified employees are crucial decision for the team leader. Understanding own role and other team role is authority coordination with team mates Have Authority to Coordinate Activities with team mates Individual role Information provider

consultant decision maker on some occasions it is important that the Team Leader encourages team members to take on roles that they are less inclined to select for themselves as this aids the development of the individual and helps ensure that the team as a whole is strengthened. This may be financial resources, cash equipment or fixed assets people, including staff, suppliers or other valuable relationships You will want to detail your resource requirements in your business plan. Potential investors and business partners will be particularly interested in this before getting involved with your business. As part of your business plan for growth, you should specify clearly and thoroughly how you will allocate resources to make your growth strategy work. Describe each resource that you have, their position in terms of their value, and their role in helping you meet your business objectives. If you don’t already have these resources, describe how you will generate them by future activity. For example, by recruiting more office staff spending more on marketing buying more supplies or equipment Changes in the market could present increased opportunities for a certain division. Maximising on this by making sure they have enough resources to increase their activities

Staffing related problem solving is the responsibility of HR manager like my position which demand to influence, motivate potential employees with level based trainings and strive for the development of them. For example, I will arrange frequent workshop based on modern salesmanship in weekly basis. Along with workshop, follow up the affect of learning in employee’s action. Communicate the plan to those who will involved in implementing it and, at least, to your immediate supervisor.

Progress towards solving the business problem

Once the solution is selected to be implemented, monitoring is the next step to check the policies, procedure, trainings are followed or not. Manager can write a brief note about the progress of implementing ideas until the problem being solved.

Planning is the pre-determining activities to meet a certain objective which is not the ultimate guidelines for problem solving. Tesco is planning of giving required training to the employees which may require extra special facilities for the weakest employees. Another adjustment is needed if the team members are not properly cooperating with the plan which hampers the desired solution.

Resolution of business problem is not a guessing game to implement any ideas superficially. A good manager will verify the opportunity cost of different paths for one problem before implementing which very is crucial in problem solving. Consolidated strategy and techniques are also

Accomplishing all four approaches will not be wise to apply at a time by the management. Manager will follow one particular approach selecting the most cost effective and beneficial approach one by one. Monitoring the actual results after following the approaches requires a careful observation. If any fluctuation is identified with unexpected issues manager should stop the work immediately and take preparation to follow another best evaluated approaches which will avoid unnecessary spend and assure superior results.


Before going to solve any problem, the status of problem should be identified whether they are urgent problem or important problem. Important problems require more attention than the urgent one to get long term success in competitive business. Arising problem is the most common situation in business organisation whether big or small that need to be dealt in due time with utmost caution and sincerity. Management responsibilities are not confined within the planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling activities but thinking entire profitability of business. For that reason perfect problem solving is the foremost concern of management in all time.

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