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Process Analysis Essay on Procrastination

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Picture this; it’s 7 o’clock on a Sunday night, and you’re panicking because you have a test the next morning, and you haven’t studied at all. You’re so mad at yourself, and you’re wishing you hadn’t waited till the last minute. You realize that if you hadn’t waited till tonight you wouldn’t have so much stress. You get so stressed the next thing you know it’s 7:45 and you still haven’t studied anything. Good morning ms. sims and fellow classmates today I’m going to talk about the topic of procrastination.

Procrastination can be avoided to do a task that needs to be done, like when you’re doing your homework and you get distracted even knowing that it might have some negative consequences. Procrastination can also involve delays in everyday chores, such as avoiding a difficult conversation, or important life decisions because you simply think it’s much easier, but In the end, you always regret that you wasted all this time.

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Now you might wonder why we do it, and why humans procrastinate. Well, Recent studies have shown that people regret more the things they haven't done than the things they have done. So here are a few reasons why. The first reason is either you are not interested in what you’re doing or you’re not excited. If you get a school project that you think isn’t interesting so you say, it’s ok, I'll do it after I’m done with this game, I’ll do it after I finish this movie, and then you end up waiting the day before it’s due. People also seem to procrastinate because they think it’s not urgent, so they wait till it’s urgent. The third reason people might procrastinate is because they have excessive perfectionism or OCD. Perfectionism is striving for flawlessness, setting high standards for yourself, or fearing to make mistakes. The fourth reason can just be that you are overwhelmed, confused, or not sure what to do first. You have a deadline, however, instead of doing your work, you’re doing other things. A fifth reason is a lack of time management or prioritizing. Time is very valuable, and we have so many things to do such as sports, clubs, time with family and friends, and other things. In conclusion, there are many different reasons why humans procrastinate.

The solution to stop procrastinating seems so easy to do but it’s really not, it’s way more complicated than just saying you’re going to stop. Scientists say that procrastination is a lifelong trait but that doesn’t mean you have to stop trying. So here’s how to stop procrastinating. The first step is to accept that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed when you start, get organized, set simple goals, or you can talk it out with a friend or family member. The second step is to stop punishing yourself for procrastinating because that makes it harder on you. Step three be strategic, figure out what you are most interested in and make a plan to use your time wisely. Give yourself a pep talk for motivation, encourage yourself, that way you’ll get focused. Step four change your environment, it sounds weird but different environments have different impacts on your productivity.

We usually think of procrastination as getting distracted but there are actually two types of procrastinators, passive and active. Active procrastination is when you are aware that you should be doing something, but you think what you’re doing is more important. For example, you might have to clean your room or go to soccer practice because you are committed to it. Passive procrastination is a poor way of putting off work. What often happens with passive procrastinators is that they don’t do what they're supposed to be doing. Studies have shown that one in five people procrastinate. So what I’m trying to say is that you have to know yourself and know the way you work. If you can overcome this fierce opponent, you will be able to accomplish greater things. To finish off, procrastination is totally normal, and it’s okay to be overwhelmed just remember to focus on your goals not tasks.

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