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Personal Goals From Teacher And Students' Points Of View

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From a teacher’s perspective, one of the single and probably most fundamental goals is to so equip students with an arsenal of skill to develop strategic methodologies to solve problems, to irritate the thought process through discussion relating to teaching and learning as well as to uphold and encourage teaching that will alleviate hurdles to the learning process and hope to contribute to shaping student to become productive members of a developing and changing society.

Nonetheless, from the student point of view, learning goals is highly possible to reflect an individual motivation. Hence, being enrolled as a part of this course is to further develop my intellectual horizon so as to cater for the students (teenagers and or adult) that I educate. Even more so to cater for the diverse learning style that exist to us- be it- audio, visual or the kinesthetic or tactile learning is valued and not feel left out.

Nonetheless, in order to achieve this as an individual, I pledge to remain motivated to learn on the basis that I need to know. In addition to this, it is exceedingly important that I adapt to the new learning ambience and provide support. This is on the basis that if individuals believe that their views are or little or no value, if they are ignored they are being talked down to, then there is a strong possibility that oomph will be affected in such away whereas the learning process will be shifted to deal with those feelings of my colleagues. Hence, a comfortable environment will be fostered and create a productive learning climate through the attitude of every member of the Adult Learning Methods and Teaching Strategies.

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I am an educator for just a little over six years. The fact that I am a classroom teacher, teaching for me is viewed as has become a channel of communication, owing the basic process for teaching and learning. At the same time learning is a connecting process, and students may learn more through this process as they get to participate and be engaged (William Foster). I want to equip myself with an assortment of strategies to grow and tap into a new horizon of students learning ability though my exploitation of teaching strategies.

'Quality is never an accident. It is the result of lofty intentions, persistent and sincere effort, knowledgeable self-direction and skilful application. It reflects a series of intelligent choices among alternatives along the way' (William Foster).


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