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In ancient times, very few people wanted to live in a dormitory and chose to live with their parents at home because they felt more comfortable and safer. But over time everything has changed. In today's era, many children prefer to live in dormitory starting from junior high school age. Because the relationship is very sad nowadays, parents are worried...
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Hey there! I’m Kshirin and welcome to the PHS community! We’re honored to be hosting your high school career here! As a transfer student, I know firsthand that the beginning of Freshman year can bring jitters to many. If you’re like me like I was on my first day, freaking out over everything from teachers to friends, I’m here to...
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For the past few years, I have been involved in Student Council as the class treasurer, in Boy Scouts as the Patrol Leader, in an extracurricular speech club as a team captain, and in tennis as a captain. Being on Student Council has greatly improved my presentation and leadership skills. Speaking to a group of over 50 peers and superiors...
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Am writing to express my interest to acquire a position as a Student Ambassador at your organization following the advertisement on your website on November 9, 2018. After joining the university in the year 2016, I have been able to acquire significant experience in both learning and university experience. The experience has shaped me to become a hardworking individual with...
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Altruism is one aspect of what social psychologists refer to as prosocial behavior. It’s the principle and moral practice of an individual that concerns for happiness of other human beings or animals. It can be distinguished from feelings of loyalty but it doesn’t consider as relationships. The Field of Prosocial Behavior The prosocial behavior has been identified through series of...
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Good morning everyone. How are you? My name is Pradyumn Jha and I stand before you today as a candidate for a position as your Student Council representative. I assure you I will work hard on your behalf, listen to your ideas and do everything in my power to make this school the best that it can be. I believe...
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On every street and on every corner you can see people focused on their phones. Because you can use it anytime, anywhere, the use of phones has skyrocketed as technology has improved. Speaking about the field of education and the impact of smartphones on students, it should be noted that this technical achievement has both advantages and disadvantages. This essay...
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As students, you are already having a few adult responsibilities. One of such is budget planning and management. A large percentage of students will not be living with their parents but are living alone or with a roommate or with roommates. How then can you ensure that you properly manage your finances? That is actually the whole essence of this...
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The aim of this academic paper was to investigate students who shopped during their spring break, and how their impulse buying linked to their cognitive dissonance. In this paper the investigators used quantitate analysis of the levels of impulsiveness and cognitive dissonance in college students who participated in shopping trips whilst on their spring break. The investigators used students from...
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Language has profound effects on how a person perceives and process a piece of information. For learning purpose, it is indispensable to have the proper knowledge of the language in which one is pursuing a degree. Association of International Student Assimilation (AISA report, 2014) reported that most of the international students show poor academic results and low proficiency in English...
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