Dormitory Life Vs Home Life: Compare and Contrast Essay

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In ancient times, very few people wanted to live in a dormitory and chose to live with their parents at home because they felt more comfortable and safer. But over time everything has changed. In today's era, many children prefer to live in dormitory starting from junior high school age. Because the relationship is very sad nowadays, parents are worried about their children. Because they are the nation's successors, they must be properly guarded. But there are many children who live with their parents and everything is fine Therefore, I find this topic quite interesting to deepen, because there are some children who still hesitate whether to continue their education in a dormitory with friends or at home with their parents.

Actually, dormitory and house have many differences and similarities. But is it true that living in a dormitory is better than being at home with their parents?

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Basically, children will continue to grow and develop with the passage of time, but the growth and development of children who live in dormitory are definitely different from children who live at home, especially in terms of mentality. The extracted concepts indicated that the dormitory life style has some individual positive consequences for female student, including more personal independent in the dormitory, management of economic coats, achieving more tolerance and improvements of social interaction in sum, that freedom and independence of student in the dormitory are more than when they live with their family (Ihej, 2019).

But it does not rule out that living in a dormitory is the best. Not even a few people experience stress and even depression because they live far from their parents and have difficulty socializing. As states in the Iranian Journal of Nursing Research, “The result of this study showed that 51.6% of students suffer from depression, 39.5% from anxiety, and 71.7% from stress”. They experience it all because they are too burdened with the lessons or the trust given to them, they feel that support from their friends is not enough. And for children who live with their parents they feel more secure and comfortable because all needs can be met and parents are also the best support system for some people. Children who live in a dormitory and are far from their parents feel strong longing, so they will be very happy when they meet their parents.

Of the many arguments, I prefer to live in a dormitory because I am more comfortable being single with friends without putting my parents and family second. With us communicating often, things that are not desirable when living in the dormitory can be minimized. Because, in essence, we live at home, and dormitory will be the same, we are still doing the same activities, namely sleeping, eating, and also studying, and grow to pursue goals in their own way.

So, people who live in dormitories or homes with parents have their own advantages and disadvantages. If we live in a dormitory, we will get many life lessons that cannot be obtained at school, as well as additional religious knowledge, and grow up without being accompanied by parents. Meanwhile, if people stay at home, they don't get too many or rarely get life lessons and how to behave when they get some problems that come in our own lives, but they grow and develop with the guidance of parents who love them. In essence, all situations are the same depending on how we behave and respond to all the lessons learned from several events or problems.

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