Advantages of Studying in a University Abroad

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Going to a different country for university studies is getting more common all over the world and definitely, it has a lot of benefits for a student. However, why is it necessary to change your country for university and why should students make such a choice? Is it worth of leaving your family at home and go to a foreign country? It has been a topic of debates for a long time and even there are studies for this issue. Obviously, there are people who are for or against studying abroad, but there are a lot of advantages and these advantages overcame the negative aspects.

To begin with, leaving your home country and living a few years abroad can expand person’s horizons and tolerance. Thinking that travelling abroad is enlarging one’s outlook, it is obvious that living abroad as a student gives a person priceless perspective of view. In an international university students from different countries live together and each sharing the culture of his country. It gives a person chances to get accustomed with particular cultures and increases live experience. For instance, it can be very amusing for a German student to meet someone from Nepal doing yoga and having a very distinct lifestyle. He can gain valuable general knowledge. To give another illustration, a Chinese and an Arabian student can exchange information about their believes or food that is common in their home countries. Moreover, living away from home helps people to become an adult and learn to live alone solving their own problems. When a young man doesn’t depend on his family, he has to make his decisions freely and it makes him to think like an adult, to grow up mentally. In addition to this, it is crucial for a foreign student to make his living and not taking money from home. Making your own money prepares one to live like an adult. Making your living doesn’t mean only earning money, but also knowing how to spend it economically.

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Furthermore, the second advantage of studying abroad is the possibility of building your life in a different country. Education on the spot is always a positive feature for finding a job and work in the best place for your profession. To give an example, the best country to study astrophysics or space exploration is USA. As the biggest space exploration organization – NASA is located is States, the quality of education and the job opportunities will be always the best there. Another example can be studying petroleum engineering in Arabian countries rich with oil.. It is always possible to find an appropriate job in this profession in particular countries. Additionally, one can learn his profession from someone who is reputable in his area of study. It is always a great opportunity to get your technical knowledge from an expert and this knowledge will lead you to successful achievements. For example, in Germany if you are a mechanical engineering student, you have a chance to take courses from people who are also working for huge companies like Mercedes, Bosch and etc. You can extend your experimental knowledge going to those companies. Similarly, the study of mode or fashion in Italy can give one priceless technical knowledge. It is possible to learn your field from a person who is well-known in particular field.

Lastly, the third advantage of studying abroad is having a chance to develop social relationships. In a foreign country students can make friendships with someone from a different country than their own. One can visit his friends in different countries or invite his friends to his home country. Even after graduation their friendships can last a very long time and having a friend from a different country is always an advantage. Besides, students can make not only friendships, but also have new relationship with someone from another country. Which also means a multicultural family after some time. A multicultural family has many advantages, of course. A child of such families belongs to two countries, knowing both cultures and speaking both languages. Furthermore, one can have two home countries when he has a multicultural family, meaning two countries to settle.

Given these points, it can be concluded that, unlike studying in your hometown studying a university abroad can extend students’ horizons in a peculiar way in terms of general culture, social relations or studies.

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