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Difference Between a Full-Ride and a Full-Tuition Scholarship: Analytical Essay

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Apart from the tuition, you will have to find the budget for the board, room, transportation, textbooks, and personal expenses. For completing a bachelor’s degree, the total sum of all these expenses will be approximately $ 200000.

An Overview on Scholarship

When a student is facing financial issues and not able to pay the fee, the first idea that hits his/her mind is scholarship. A scholarship is an award of financial aid given to students in order to help them pursue further education in college, university, or academic institutions.

Here are a few points important to know about scholarships.

These are sponsored by big corporations, schools, religious groups, communities, and social and professional organizations, private sectors, organizations, and the federal government intended to help students who meet certain eligibility standards set by them.

These scholarships can range from small to big amounts and are awarded considering the merit in academics, athletic or cultural excellence.

Many private organizations that give scholarships send the money directly to the college financial support office so that the money can be utilized to spend for tuition, fees for the expenses directly billed by the college and not for books, board, room, and other supplies.

The advantage of these scholarships is that they need not be repaid.

If you can not keep up to the scholarship rules and conditions while accepting this award, you might have to repay the amount.

An Overview on Full Ride Scholarship

A full-ride scholarship is a financial award given to students in order to cover the entire cost of the college expense that includes the cost of textbooks, room, full tuition fee, school materials, and monthly stipend including living expenses and study abroad expenses.

Here are a few points you must know about the Full Ride Scholarship.

These Scholarships are generally awarded by the college themselves, a private source, or by the federal government for the most brilliant students.

Some colleges may provide additional benefits to the winners of the full-ride scholarship award.

Amongst the students registered in the college, around 1 to 3 percent get a Full Ride Scholarship that covers the full cost of their studies.

The specifications can change from scholarship to scholarship, but in reality, the full-ride covers more than just tuition.

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A full-ride scholarship can be awarded by the federal government, the colleges themselves, or by a private source. But these scholarships have strict requirements and guidelines.

There are some universities offering the full-ride scholarship for international students by taking their SAT scores into account.

An Overview on the Full Tuition Scholarship

As the name itself indicates, Full tuition scholarships are the financial aid given to students in order to cover the tuition cost incurred at the college, not necessarily other fees like travel expenses, room, and board, various student fees, or other costs.

Some of the colleges in the US are Tuition-free colleges that means all the students being admitted to such colleges are not required to pay the tuition fee.

Here are a few you must know about the Full Tuition Scholarship.

The amount given, rules, and conditions vary from scholarship to scholarship. Some might cover other costs besides tuition, but that is the main focus.

Many colleges grant Full Tuition Scholarships as a means to draw skilled and talented students.

Basically, this scholarship is defined to the tuition announced but it may include books, laboratories, or some other student expenses also.

These are sponsored by the government, colleges, or private sources to intellectual students.

In some colleges, this scholarship is guaranteed automatically for the students who meet their requirements.

This scholarship is awarded to the students who achieve high academic standards like scoring good in the ACT or SAT or achieving the required GPA (Grade Point Average).

Difference between Full Ride & Full Tuition Scholarship

Costs Covered

Full ride scholarships generally cover all college costs including tuition, textbooks, meals, boards, room, and maybe they even give an allowance for personal expenses.

But in full-tuition scholarships, they cover only the cost of attendance, and generally, no extra fees rising in the study term will be included.

Academic Years Covers

A Full Ride Scholarship will be awarded for one year initially. From the second year onwards, every year, you will be renewed by default depending on your eligibility which is based on your performance. Finally, if you perform well in academics or maintain your score, it will last for all four years.

Full-tuition scholarships will cover the majority of your college costs for four years. These scholarship awards can cover tuition costs to all of your living expenses, depending on the courses defined by the provider.

Similarities between full-rides and full-tuition scholarships

Both full-rides and full-tuition scholarships are exceptionally hard to achieve. As they are mostly merit-based, students usually must have high GPAs, class ranks, test scores, or have incredible athletic abilities or leadership qualities that make them extremely desired by institutions.

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