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My Academic Interest in Doctoral Program in Electrical Engineering: Personal Statement

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“Where there is a will, there is a way”, a maxim I follow to achieve my goals. The spirit of innovation has allowed mankind to progress from sparse group of creatures to an extensive population that has dominated the globe. Growing up with an irrepressible likeness for innovation endeared my curiosity to creativity and thus my desire in improving current design and promoting new technological advances. It always reverberates in my mind to produce the kind of technologies read in books, and seen in movies or documentaries.

In my quest for innovation, I was ardent on going to college to garner the imperative knowledge needed to quench my burning passion. I took Electrical and Electronics Engineering as my major for it offered me eclectic choice of specialization in which the power and energy system I have strong inclination for was made available. During these five years, I enrolled in some electrical power systems courses (see transcript) and I had straight “A” in my core electrical power courses. These subjects sparked my research instinct when I realized I am fascinated by the prospects of being a part of such researches. The lack of self-confidence that plagued me during my first year here was due to lack of orientation and insufficient study skill. However, both my study skill and ability to process information has sharpened as evidenced by an improvement in my grades. I graduated with a GPA of 4.32 and I was ranked among the top 5% of my class.

My personal desire for knowledge has ignited my passion for research and thus my interest in power systems and energy management; this has triggered me to carry out a research work, though unpublished, on the “Renewable energy towards a sustainable power supply in Nigeria power industry” during my student internship at Ibadan Electrical Distribution Company (IBEDC), the largest electricity distribution company in Nigeria. I have come to discover that power systems and energy management perfectly aligns with my academic interest.

During my penultimate year in College, I also took active part in extracurricular activities where I sought out many opportunities to teach electrical engineering students. I volunteered as a tutor to teach my college peers some recondite electrical engineering courses such as: electrical power and principles, electrical power system analysis, power system protection and control and power system communication and control, my nature flair for these electrical power courses made my friends give me the sobriquet “Tesla”. These teaching experiences have confirmed that I have the desire and aptitude to convey my knowledge of power systems to others; it is my goal to be of service.

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My undergraduate research project was centered on “GSM Based Overvoltage Protection for Distribution Board” under the supervision of Dr. A.I. Abdulateef. This project aimed at addressing a current problem regarding energy management as well as protection of electrical load from sustained overvoltage. In the process, I developed an algorithm for the operation of the device using C programming language. This project was exhibited at the Engineering Project Exhibition (EPEX) 2018 edition in my school and was later installed in my supervisor’s office.

Based on my research, I have realized that the graduate program in electrical engineering with a focus on power systems and energy management at the University of Tennessee Knoxville is the perfect next step to broaden my academic horizons further. UTK fits my aspirations as it provides a perfect blend of academic rigor, research facilities and a diverse environment to interact and learn from. The curriculum at UTK is holistic and objective and would serve as a vital cornerstone for obtaining knowledge in my intended field. I find that the types of research interest I have are in correspondence with several research faculty member at UTK, including Dr. Hector Pulgar, Dr. Kai Sun, and Dr. Leon Tolbert. All of these faculty members have research projects that involve Power Systems and Energy Management. I am greatly intrigued by Dr. Hector research on______ and Dr. Kai research on_____. UTK would provide me with great opportunity since its faculty research perfectly aligns with my academic interest.

My ultimate career goal is to become a University Professor. With the PhD, I will be able to integrate my diverse educational background in research as well as teaching. It is my goal to become highly skilled and to contribute real value to the projects of the faculty at the University of Tennessee.

I assure the admission committee that I will endeavor to surpass the expectations set forth for an incoming student, I believe my determination and tenacity in pursuit of knowledge along with my other qualifications can lead to success as a student in the graduate program at the University of Tennessee. I look forward to being part of this acclaimed university next fall.

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