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Legalisation Of Medical Marijuana In Australia: Media Condemn

Isn’t it strange why the government aren’t legalising a plant that can ease or even save someone’s life. The truth is false information of Medical Marijuana found within the media are condemning these laws to be reversed. This false information has been imbedded into our minds since we were young. Creating fear in people and focusing on the negatives of cannabis. But now, research and tests have been recently conducted portraying hopeful results for the future of Medical Marijuana. We...
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The Pros And Cons Of The Legalization Of Marijuana In Kenya

I. The Question This issue of the legalization of marijuana has braced the news for years now as different activists from researchers to celebrities to politicians have attempted to sway the masses to legalise the herb. The different activists have attempted to argue that marijuana is in fact more beneficial than harmful not only on an individual level but also on the society as a whole. This is the reason for the choosing of this topic, the fact that not...
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Marijuana Legalization: National Support Is Growing

The Legalization of Marijuana has been a controversial topic for the past couple of years. In the early two-thousands, most people were against the idea. But more recent polls have shown the approval rate has increased dramatically. Some states such as California, Colorado, and Nevada have already legalized the drug along with eight other states. Much like Alcohol, weed will obviously bring disturbances but it’s all about how one manages the product. There are a lot of pros to the...
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Marijuana Should Be Illegal Again

Problem The legalization of Marijuana created more problems than expected. The Purpose of legalizing Marijuana was to help the ones that need it to survive. Instead, It turned into a vast usage among many in different aspects of life. The media and researchers believe that marijuana would fix many problems like lowering the incarceration rate and free up cap space for harsher offenses. Turns out that they were wrong, Due to the fact that the DUI rate has gone tremendously...
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Marijuana Abuse And Economic Benefits From Its Legalisation

Marijuana is a double edge sword. While having some benefits to the health industry, it can have detrimental health effects on long term user. Many developed countries such as Canada, Austria and the United States has increasingly adopting and legalize marijuana for medical use. Many people abuse marijuana benefits and become addictive. Young people from age 18-25 are more likely to abuse marijuana. These young adults could certainly try marijuana due to peer pressure or just want to try new...
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Why Marijuana Should be Legalised in the UK

For many years, Marijuana has been illegal in the UK. However, many people like me believe that it should be legal. Therefore, you may ask why should weed be legal. Cigarettes are legal in the UK even though they cause cancer of the lungs but weed is quite the opposite, it kills cancer cells. Therefore, why hasn’t the government banned cigarettes and legalized weed. Marijuana is also 114 times safer than alcohol. Alcohol causes liver problems and yet is still...
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Legalization of Marijuana for Recreational and Medical Purposes

Marijuana that is legally available for adults has multiple implications for adolescent substance use. One potential effect that legalization may have is an increase in adolescent use to due increased availability, greater social acceptance, and possibly lower prices. Legalization may also introduce new formulations of marijuana (edible or vaporized) that are very influential, especially to the younger generation. It is unknown what adolescent consumption patterns will be if marijuana is widely available and marketed in different forms, or what effects...
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The Legalization of Marijuana and its Benefits

Over the years the evolution of medicine has drastically improved. Along with the technological advances, the field of medicine has steered away from old medicinal practices such as leeching, herbal medicines, immediate amputation, and others in favour of modern medical drugs and technology. However there is a debate whether marijuana could be used for modern medicine. Many studies show that this is a solution of a multitude of illnesses while there are also studies which say that it is not....
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Marijuana: A Weed for a Cure

What is marijuana? Or in generic term, it is referred to as ‘Cannabis’. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Cannabis is by far the most widely cultivated, trafficked and abused illicit drug. Half of all drug seizures worldwide are cannabis seizures. The geographical spread of those seizures is also global, covering practically every country of the world. Simply, this only state that marijuana or cannabis is illegal and used for unethical works not only in certain areas around the...
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Marijuana Legalization and the United States

The United States is constantly evolving around new ideas and ever changing matters. The stance on how people and governments see and understand matters that affect them is ever changing and must be evaluated to keep up with current policies and data. Marijuana is a matter that is a present subject which is in the news and creating much debate. This discussion will speak on how cannabis affects our economics, medical uses, and laws. The economics of a state and...
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Legalization of Marijuana in the Clinical Setting

Amidst a myriad of controversial subjects in medicine, the use of medical marijuana in the clinical setting might stand at the forefront. Like any treatment in medicine, there are advantages and risks to the prescription of marijuana. Immense benefits have been found with the clinical use in oncology patients receiving chemotherapy, those suffering from Parkinson’s, and individuals with epilepsy. Healthcare professionals that support the implementation of medical marijuana argue there are far too many known benefits of cannabis for it...
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Should Marijuana be Legalized?

Marijuana Is a psychoactive drug, that means it is a chemical substance that changes brain function and results in alterations in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, or behavior also affects almost every organ in the body. It comes from the cannabis plant and it is used for medical or recreational purposes. “Globally, marijuana is the most used illicit drug. Classified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance.” (Medical News Today) Marihuana contains some chemicals these are called Cannabinoids. When they are ingested...
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Should Drugs be Decriminalized ?

Introduction This research’s main is to answer the negotiable question which is, should drugs be decriminalized worldwide or other words this research is about whether to make usage of drugs legal or illegal. drugs can destroy generations if used in a wrong way and some people don’t know why it should be forbidden to be used at all ,so this research is made to help them understand the advantages and disadvantages of using drugs. To start with In 2001,...
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Cannabis: Legalization and its Impact on Today’s Youth

The legalization of recreational marijuana was driven by politicians who had a desire to restructure the current medical marijuana laws, to help law enforcement, and by profits. With the commercialization and legalization of marijuana by Washington voters in 2012 an emerging trend has occurred where adolescents ages 12 and older have begun to perceive marijuana as not only legal (for them), but that it is also not harmful. Along with this new “perception”, the adult public consensus suggests that marijuana...
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The Moral Dilemma of Cannabis Legalization

Abstract Throughout our history, legal and illegal drugs have been a topic of discussion and a concern for society as some of the worst drugs ever have made it to the streets of our communities and destroy lives every day. Illegal drugs like meth, cocaine, LSD, and heroin are just some of the major drugs that have left their footprints in communities and put people who use them in danger of losing more than their freedom. One specific illegal drug,...
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Marijuana Legalization or Illegalization: This is Problem

Decisions taken on drugs in international fora such as the United Commission Nations on Drugs (CND) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) must be recognized as a worldwide reference. Because it is only by reinforcing and recognizing the decisions of these institutions that we can hope to see a better world of drugs in the future. Yet, countries one after another easier to make or break their laws on marijuana Control of the material quality, economy,...
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Should All Illegal Drugs be Legalized?

There is an increasing evidence that legalization of illicit drugs is essential to lessen the danger of substance abuse. Substance abuse is a mental health disorder that includes physical, mental and spiritual problem or worse could also lead to death if left untreated. There are several state or conditions an individual could experience while taking drugs such as addiction, dependence, tolerance and withdrawal. The term addiction is complex, and the meaning can vary according to different individuals. Addiction is not...
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The Benefits of Marijuana Legalization

For centuries cannabis has been used as a medicine, a material to make rope with, and a recreational drug. In 2005, the U.S Supreme Court ruled in favor of criminalizing the growth, sale, possession, selling, and distribution of it. In The Great Gatsby, prohibition played a crucial role in U.S. socio-political culture. Today, the legalization of marijuana is a point of contention that has divided the country for the past century. Legalization on the federal level would bring many benefits...
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Trading of Marijuana Plant should Not be Legalized in Bhutan

Scientific revolution and rapid increase knowledge in the field of researches, it has led to rise in economic needs of people in various aspects. Today with the advancement in medical sciences, the trend of legalizing of marijuana has started in many developed states across the globe. Marijuana was first legalized by the state legislature in Vermont in January 2018. Marijuana use is allowed in Colorado, Alaska, California, Montana, Oregon, Vermont, Nevada, for recreational and medical uses (Huestis, 2002) . But...
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Why is the Legalization of Marijuana a Debated Topic?

Legalization of marijuana is a subject matter that many people have exclusive opinions on. Yet many of the motives that persons have towards it are motives that, I feel are not valid. Many humans deliver up health reasons and additionally that solely criminals use cannabis. There are many phrases for marijuana, you have weed, bud, k-2, pot, kush, and many more terms for it that are area based. I am solely going to refer to it as marijuana and cannabis,...
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Legalization of Marijuana: Positive and Negative Sides

The legalization of marijuana has been an issue of controversy across the globe. The issue brings in a lot of perspectives to consider. Marijuana has been in existence for many centuries. Marijuana is a small and flowery green plant that is grown in many parts of the world. The main component of marijuana is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and it is responsible for altering the minds of its users. It is believed to have negative health effects on its users. Notably, there...
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Marijuana Legalisation: For and Against

Legalising marijuana use has long been a controversial debate worldwide. With recent legalisation in countries such as several states in the USA, as well as marijuana culture having grown, the push for marijuana legalisation has increased. To understand the debate, pros and cons of both sides of the argument are explored. Supporting the legalisation means to help dismantle the black market, which is an economy of transactions that involve illegal behaviours. The availability of marijuana also creates standards of quality,...
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Why the Implications of Marijuana Legalization is a Controversial Topic?

From its first national regulation in the United States with the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, to its eventual decriminalization in the 70’s and legalization in 2012, the legalization of marijuana has remained a controversial topic. Although controversial, 23 states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, with another ten states legalizing marijuana for recreational use. As marijuana becomes slowly becomes widely accepted all over the nation, one is left wondering what impacts the legalization of marijuana will have on our...
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Why Restore Legal Marijuana is a Good Idea

Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, making cannabis illegal nationwide under federal law. This time period was rife with misinformation and fear mongering. Parents were told that their children would be invited to parties and given reefer and that they would be hooked! The problem with the governments’ intervention and regulation in cannabis is that it never stopped increasing in those regulations and making punishments harsher. Cannabis is more than just college students getting high and getting the munchies as something...
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Marijuana: Community Killer or Killer of the Community?

In 2012 a bill was passed to make the use of medical marijuana legal. To obtain the drug though, you would need to visit the doctor and get a medical card. It was hard to get a medical card and you needed a really good illness. Each state has different medical requirements for how you do get your card. The most common illnesses for getting a card, however, are cancer, glaucoma, severe anxiety, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson disease, PTSD, and any kind...
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Marijuana Use Impacts College Students’ Critical Thinking Skills

“Critical thinking, that is, the capacity and disposition to evaluate propositions and be moved by good reasons” (Guzzo & Rosário Lima, 2018). It has been stated that as humans, critical thinking is actually very difficult despite the ability to have higher thought. Critical thinking, and processing information by good reasoning is thinking without bias and by good reasons. Humans mostly use reasoning that is based on pre-existing beliefs and experiences. In order to truly think critically, people must bring awareness...
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Legalization of Marijuana: Good or Bad?

For some, the legalization of Cannabis has been a long awaited event. When the Federal Cannabis Act came into effect on October 17 2018, Canada became the second country in the world, after Uruguay, to formally legalize the consumption and distribution of Cannabis. Many were overjoyed, while others stood to argue the negative effects that marijuana has on the body and brain. Upon extensive research, I’ve come to realize that I also stand with those individuals. To be fair, yes...
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Legalization of Weed: Medical Considerations

We’re in a momentous time where a plant has attracted the attention of the American people. The legalization of marijuana has been an ongoing controversy that has created headway in policy-making, but by doing so has disrupted the relationship between state and federal government. There has been a change in attitude towards marijuana that has transformed the systematics of present-day politics, as some states are making decisions independently from laws set forth by the federal government. The consequences of its...
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Why People are against Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana refers to the leaves, seeds, flowers and stems of the cannabis plant. Marijuana contains the mind-altering chemical THC, which causes either a mind or body high or both. Marijuana has been used for centuries, however, the United States criminalized it during a time in our history that was filled with discrimination towards colored minorities from both the Caucasian race and the government, which at the time was solely white, and so therefore a form of medicine had been taken...
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Marijuana: to Legalize or Not to Legalize?

The battle over legalizing marijuana has been debated for years in the United States. The controversy has grown in modern times, and action has been taken by both sides of the fight. This issue has been prominent in the news headlines recently with legalization spreading across many states. However, the problems stem from the vast difference of opinion between those who support the new laws and those who oppose them. In an article from the Missouri Medical Journal, doctor Samuel...
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