Persuasive Essay on Legalizing Weed

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My essay is devoted to the topic of legalizing weed. This topic caught my attention when I saw that weed is allowed for medical purposes. Then I realized that if people take it medicinally in small amounts, can people take it in small amounts to still get high? I decided to do this because kids our age are starting to use drugs and or will start trying them. In this paper, I will show that weed is not as bad as people think. Of course, I am not recommending it, but if you ever do just be careful of the amount you consume. So, I have an idea that will make it so kids our age aren't getting too high that they can't move and get really silly and uncontrollable.

My idea is that chemists sell weed to people but only in small doses in food, which is called micro-dosing, for example, in a brownie. Although you’re probably thinking that will make it worse, with micro-dosing people will still get the sensation of being high, but they will still be able to control themselves and be able to be productive and functional. If people just started buying small micro-dosing bites from chemists, then they will stop buying from drug dealers. Teenagers and young adults will stop getting super high and this will decrease the number of car crashes there are from people driving while high as 38% of car crashes are from people driving while high on weed. This doesn't have anything to do with our age group as none of us can drive legally, but with this people will know that they can still get the feeling of euphoria without getting high. This is a safety issue, so when walking home from a party or something, they will have more control over their bodies. It will also prevent diseases like coughs and bronchitis because it won’t be getting smoked but eaten in small bites. The mental problems that people are often having because of marijuana will reduce because people won’t be taking as much of the drug.

To prove that micro-dosing is safe, I have researched and found out about it. The amount chemists would sell would be in small amounts of 2-5 mg and this amount will be safe for people to take. I also read this page on this girl called Charlotte Palermino who took weed bites for a week to test what would happen to her. Before she did this experiment, she wasn’t sleeping well, was on her phone a lot, had back problems, she was anxious, sad, wasn’t doing much, and was close to being depressed. She did the experiment to see what would happen to her body. When she went through with the experiment, she took small bits in 2-5 mg every few hours to see the effects and to see if anything would happen. The bites gave her sensations of normal weed, but she was able to control herself and do things normally. That week she felt like it helped her alleviate her anxiety, she was on her phone less, she was visiting her family regularly, she was getting more sleep, was happier, and went to work and enjoyed it.

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In America, there is a day on the 4th of the 20th, also known as 4/20, when people celebrate weed and lots of people smoke weed. People on this day smoke large amounts and get super high from weed. On this day, car crashes from weed increased by 12%, which is a lot. 38% of people died or were injured in car crashes due to marijuana, according to American statistics. On the 4th of the 20th, the amount was raised by 12%, which is 50% of car crashes caused due to weed. With my idea, this day will be legal and people will be able to control themselves after, and there won’t be as high of several car crashes.

You are probably wondering what this has to do with us. Well, kids our age are getting to the age when they are wanting to try new things and do other things. So, this will give awareness to kids our age that certain amounts can get you injured and can get you hurt, but if chemists did sell them at their place, then kids would buy it from there and wouldn’t get super high if they took it from a drug dealer. As peer pressure is becoming bigger in our society, more people are getting peer pressured into doing it, and if they were getting sold in small doses, if people were getting peer pressured, then they won't be overdosing and getting injured. Not encouraging to take it, but just be careful how much you take if you do take it, as you can get ill and larger amounts can get you addicted easier.

Summing up, legalizing weed is a good idea. If weed is sold in small doses, called micro-dosing, it will reduce the number of accidents and deaths caused by them. People who have previously developed an addiction to weed when taking large amounts will be able to microdose without the same side effects. Weed is already legal for medicinal purposes helping people with certain diseases like breathing problems, nausea and vomiting, and mental problems, and people can have problems with birth and after birth. With it being sold in microdoses, it won't have harm because it won't have big effects. It will lower car crashes and deaths caused by weed because people can control themselves, so people won't be driving while high. It will also help lots of people with depression and social issues, as well as people who are sad and aren't doing much in life.

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