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Essay on Importance of Environmental Law

Environmental law is a relatively recent idea that encompasses a wide range of topics such as climate change, energy sources, pollution, and corporate social responsibility. Sinha stated that environmental conservation cannot be realized without sufficient laws. Environmental education and raising environmental awareness are two vital ways to ensure that the environment is conserved for future generations. At the level of international conventional law, environmental measures have been provided for, expressed, and acknowledged as a framework for legislation. The European Union...
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Definition Essay about Trust

Introduction Defining a trust can be a difficult task due to its broad and flexible concept yet one may be able to recognize one. The definition of a trust is in two ways, the general way defines a trust to be an arrangement under which one person is bound to hold or administer property on behalf of another person or for an impersonal object and not for his own benefit. The second way to define trust is in accordance with...
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Insanity Defence and Why Currently It Is Rarely Used: Critical Essay

The legal defence of ‘insanity’ states that the defendant is not capable of committing a crime as the individual is not aware of the nature or the quality of the act he has committed. Insanity is establishing that the mens rae (guilty mind) was in the individual’s control and if the act was his intention at the time of the offence and not the trial. It is only available as a defence in a murder charge. Using the defence of...
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Insanity and Intoxication as General Excusatory Defences: Critical Essay

In order to hold a defendant liable for a criminal offence, the prosecution not only bears the burden of proving the mens rea but also bears the burden of disproving any defence that can exonerate, reduce or lessen the defendant’s liability. Two such general excusatory defences that can be pleaded in relation to all crimes - insanity and intoxication - will be discussed chronologically along with comparisons and differences being drawn regarding their nature and application. The defence of insanity...
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Essay on Real Estate

Introduction Entering the world of real estate was not a planned career path for me. However, my journey in this dynamic industry has been nothing short of transformative. In this narrative essay, I will share my personal experiences and reflections as I embarked on a career in real estate. From my initial interest to the challenges I encountered along the way, this narrative will provide insights into the thrilling and rewarding nature of working in the real estate industry. Discovering...
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Essay for Environmental Scanning in Real Estate

Introduction Environmental scanning plays a crucial role in the real estate industry by providing valuable insights into market trends, identifying potential risks and opportunities, and promoting sustainable practices. In this essay, we will explore the concept of environmental scanning in real estate and its significance in analyzing the dynamic and ever-changing market landscape. We will delve into the process of environmental scanning, its key components, and how it enables real estate professionals to make informed decisions for sustainable development and...
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Essay about Technology in Real Estate

Introduction Technology has revolutionized various industries, and the real estate sector is no exception. In recent years, technological advancements have transformed the way we buy, sell, and manage properties. From online listings and virtual tours to data analytics and smart home automation, technology has streamlined processes, enhanced efficiency, and improved the overall experience for buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals. This informative essay will explore the significant impact of technology in the real estate industry, highlighting key advancements and their...
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Why Do People Break the Law: Persuasive Essay

Since time immemorial, laws have been used to govern small communities as well as large countries. Typically, they are made in relation to human political communities, attitudes, practices, and values. They are expected to be followed and are generally viewed as a way to maintain specific moral codes of society. However, several people believe that there is morality in breaking the law, especially notable historical figures such as Plato and Martin Luther King Jr. King, one of the many black...
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When Breaking The Law Is Justified: Exemplification Essay

One of the reasons Socrates gives for not escaping from prison is that it would be a violation of the law. I agree with Socrates, one should never break the law, even when it conflicts with one’s sense of morality because of Socrates's idea of a social contract, as well as if the laws are disobeyed it could bring dissolution of the city or state. In Crito, we see some reasons Socrates gives Crito for not escaping from prison, for...
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We Need Stricter Gun Laws: Persuasive Essay

Gun Control: Stronger Laws Needed to Prevent Loss of Life When watching the news, it’s becoming all too common to hear the phrases “active shooter” and “mass casualty”. These types of events such as school and nightclub shootings are becoming a norm and leave many questions about how and why these types of events take place. While the media broadcasts round-the-clock coverage of some of these incidents, there are many more that aren’t televised. Stronger gun control laws tend to...
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Unjust Law Is No Law at All: Persuasive Essay

Everyone wants justice to be served, and it is the obligation of the judicial system to ensure that goal is achieved. Justice involves enhancing fairness in a conflicting argument or claim. In other words, it is a just behavior or conduct in response to a situation contradictory situation. However, in most cases, people find themselves denied justice when most needed. History tells of cases of people who have been wrongly convicted for crimes they never committed, while others denied justice...
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Stronger Gun Control Laws Will Save Lives: Persuasive Essay

Gun control is one of the most debatable issues in the United States. Americans are in conflict about whether gun control is necessary, or if their right to the second amendment is being taken away. Many believe that if we have strict gun control would reduce gun violence. Many other people believe that people should have the right to bear arms for protection, or even for the desire of hunting. In the Bill of Rights, it is stated that Americans...
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Stand Your Ground Law Pros: Critical Essay

Self-defense In this research paper, we will explain and discuss the “Stand Your Ground” law and how it relates to “Self Defense”. As you talk about this law you must incorporate a lot of different situations and cases. As well as this law being changed or tweaked multiple times. Nowadays a lot of people don’t actually understand the “Stand Your Ground” law and when it falls into effect. We will also weigh out the pros and cons of the Stand...
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Stand Your Ground Law Debate Pros and Cons: Argumentative Essay

The debate over whether or not Stand Your Ground laws are necessary is a hefty topic. These laws, which give people the ability to defend themselves if threatened, spark lots of controversy over whether or not they are necessary. They have helped out the general people as well as involved big names and politicians in the topic. Some of the stories of such victims also put another view into the world. Stand Your Ground laws are defined as a law...
4 Pages 1877 Words

Research Essay on the Evolution of Criminal Law in the American History

This term paper is about criminal law, and how criminal law has evolved over the course of United States history. There will be real examples of how crimes such as first-degree murder are processed, and how it will affect those that are convicted. There will be a discussion on what criminal law really is, and what kinds of crimes fall under the category of criminal law. Crime will always be happening in any society because no one person is perfect....
2 Pages 932 Words

Persuasive Essay on Stand Your Ground Law Pros and Cons

Laws are primarily made to protect the rights and freedom of the people. However, on many occasions, specific rules might lead to a surge in victimization and crime rates when used carelessly. Stand-your-ground laws allow individuals to apply lethal force for self-defense when confronted and find their lives in danger. The stand-your-ground constitution has been adopted and used differently in many parts of the United States. For instance, in Florida, the adoption of stand-your-ground laws has affected the number of...
2 Pages 895 Words

Just Laws: Exemplification Essay

Before going further, I want to ask you an interesting question. The question is: 'Suppose you are a well-known lawyer in the UK. There is a famous business personality that you admired and wanted to meet once in a lifetime. Recently, this famous personality got highlighted in one of the biggest scams that took place which led to the deterioration of the economy. He is willing to pay as much as the lawyer wants to handle this case. The businessman...
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IRAC Critical Essay

IRAC stands for Issue, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion. Its main function is for legal analysis. At the first legal question is expressed, after that applicable law is given and then they analyze the fact and a conclusion is made. In the IRAC method, there is a simple legal question that must be answered and it is also known as an issue. To spot an issue we need to be able to identify the facts that raised the issue. Law is...
1 Page 450 Words

Informative Essay on the Role and Functions of Law

Law has many different functions in society that are important in different ways. Laws can be used for many different rules and vary depending on the country, the time, and the function required by that law. Laws are fluid and do not always remain the same, however, some laws have remained the same for a long time such as murder being illegal. Different laws have different functions, with some deemed more important than others, however, they all play a role...
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Agreement Essay

Introduction An agreement is a fundamental aspect of human interaction, serving as the backbone of various relationships and transactions. Whether it's a formal contract between businesses or a simple verbal understanding between friends, agreements play a pivotal role in maintaining harmony and facilitating cooperation in society. In this essay, I would like to explore the importance of making correct agreements, the benefits they offer, and how they contribute to the overall growth and stability of individuals and communities. How to...
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Critical Essay on Gun Laws in Texas: Pros and Cons

Guns into the ClassroomsMass shootings represent only 1 percent of the overall gunfire incidents that happen in or around school property. However, they disproportionately account for the highest number of deaths and injuries. Gun laws, policies, and gun culture have an evident influence on incidents of mass shootings. In addition to mass shootings, other incidents of gun violence are also being evidenced in schools at a distressing frequency. These include unintentional discharges that result in death or injuries, homicides, assaults,...
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Critical Essay on Employment Law Chart

Employment Law regulates relationships between employers and employees. It is subject to frequent legislative and case law developments as employers are at the forefront of social change. It affords different rights and obligations depending on the employment status an individual holds. Therefore, it is vital to determine the different types of employment status in Wales and appreciate why the differences are significant. This report will examine the significance of determining whether an individual is a worker and analyze the extent...
6 Pages 2959 Words

Criminal Law Foundations: Evaluation Essay

A fundamental prerequisite for conviction in criminal law is blameworthiness, meaning that a defendant must have sufficient capacity to be held criminally responsible for their actions. While men's rea accredits blameworthiness to the actus reus, there can occasionally be barriers to criminal responsibility that may make a defendant less culpable for their actions, an example being, intoxication. In this sense, blameworthiness calls into question the principle of fair labeling, which should 'represent fairly the nature and magnitude of the law-breaking',...
4 Pages 1945 Words

Argumentative Essay on Three Strikes Law: Pros and Cons

Signed into action under the Bill Clinton Administration, the “Three Strikes Amendment” is part of an early initiative to reduce crime and the number of repetitive criminals in rural and urban areas during the early years of the 1990s. As a result, the ratification directly influenced the increase of 60 capital punishment offenses, the construction of additional prisons, the employment of 100,000 national police, and the placement of further prevention of crime efforts. (Clinton.61.9.95). In an implementation, “The Three Strikes...
3 Pages 1309 Words

Analysis of Primary Weakness of International Law: Critical Essay

Introduction While a law is a set of rules that govern the behavior of people in a certain country or geographic boundary, International law is the law that governs the behaviors of states and other international persons. Because international law is applied at the international level, this analytical article will be different from the other law papers, it will not contain constitutional laws or other national laws as it applies. This article focuses only on the nature of international law,...
2 Pages 1139 Words

Do Rich People Get off Easier When They Break the Law: Persuasive Essay

Hey Rich People, do you have money that can buy something that is not for sale? and something you shouldn’t try to buy. And Hi Powerful, do you have that much power that can place yourselves above the law? The whole scenario can be easily understood in this way we are driving a car and with us, there are the rich and powerful also driving on the same road with their cars, both driving rashly without a license (which means...
6 Pages 2678 Words

Why Should the Drinking Age Stay at 21 Essay

The legal drinking age has been a hot topic in the United States for many years. On one hand, some people call for its reduction while others say that it should remain set at 21. This essay looks into why it is essential to keep the legal drinking age at 21, focusing mainly on protecting young people and society. When exploring this issue, we must consider the harmful effects of alcohol on youth, the role of the brain in decision-making,...
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Has the Digital Age Made Copyright Obsolete: Argumentative Essay

Digitalization has enabled the transformation of intellectual property into electronic format. In this context, the importance of copyright becomes impossible to ignore. Copyright, as we know it, was creating during a time when digitalization had not happened. Thus, there are certain limitations that appeared with the coming of the digital era. Due to digitalization, copying art, of any form, has become easy, fast and cheap. Thus, the incentive of the artists that they used to get due to copyright has...
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Freebooting as Copyright Infringement

Today here, in our modern era world lies technology. According to, technology is an advanced set of tools used to make things easier and/or to resolve problems. An example of technology is computers, laptops, phone, tablet, TV, and many more. Another word for technology is ICT which stands for information and communications technology, this term mostly focuses for education as it works for giving information. Other than that, it is mostly has the same meaning as technology. Technology has...
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Informative Essay on Disc Jockeys and Copyright

The term ‘disc jockey’, now commonly abbreviated as DJ, was coined in 1935 by the American radio commentator Walter Winchell. They were originally the operators of machines that played phonograph or gramophone records (now known as vinyl records), but, with the technological advancement in the modern era, DJs have largely shifted from vinyl discs to compact discs and now to computer media files which are more portable and accessible. Copyright, itself is an already complex topic, but for DJs who...
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