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Essay on Artificial Intelligence and Copyright

The concept of artificial intelligence (AI), where an object is capable of human thinking, has been around for centuries, where classical philosophers have attempted to describe human thinking as a mechanical manipulation of symbols and numbers. However, in the present era, AI can be understood as a computer system that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. Today’s AI software is capable of producing works that were never been created by computers before such as artistic works like producing...
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The Importance of Intellectual Property Protection

It is believed by many that copyright laws are counterproductive and it can hinder the creativity. However, I personally disagree with the idea and believe that the protection as intellectual property is significant to a well-functioning society as it inspires and encourages the production of new ideas and further works. The logic behind the expansion of copyright is straightforward. The television show, movie, newspaper or the music that we listen to, they are all copyrighted. Copyright spread through our lives...
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Relevance of Issues of Intellectual Property and Copyright in the Modern World

Copyright is a significant form of intellectual property right. It is a legal right that is accorded to the creator of, among other things, films, soundtracks, and original literary, artistic, dramatic and musical works. It lasts for 70 years after the death of the author and any person who copies, sells or distributes a copyrighted work without authorisation can be sued by the author. The author can claim damages for a loss of earnings and seek a court injunction to...
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Reflections on the Need for Modernizing Copyright Law

On August 29th, 2014, screams, cheers, and emotional platitudes echoed throughout Soldier Field. While America’s oldest football stadium is no stranger to deafening noise and overzealous fans, the sixty thousand seats typically filled by Chicago Bears’ enthusiasts and football fanatics, were occupied by a more youthful, adolescent audience. That Friday night, as the sun set in Chicago, thousands of teenage girls, or “Directioners,” as many prefer to be called, powered on their homemade signs and illuminated the stadium with messages...
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Artificial Intelligence Technology and Existing Copyright Law

Developments to artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms have made the output of their work indistinguishable from human creations. Considering these technological advances, it has been increasingly difficult to determine who should receive copyright privileges for artwork generated by AI. This paper will attempt to educate the reader on current AI technology and existing copyright law for art. Additionally, it will critically discuss why AI generated art should be seen as ‘original’, whilst also substantiating the claim that AI is as a...
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Has the Digital Age Made Copyright Obsolete: Argumentative Essay

Digitalization has enabled the transformation of intellectual property into electronic format. In this context, the importance of copyright becomes impossible to ignore. Copyright, as we know it, was creating during a time when digitalization had not happened. Thus, there are certain limitations that appeared with the coming of the digital era. Due to digitalization, copying art, of any form, has become easy, fast and cheap. Thus, the incentive of the artists that they used to get due to copyright has...
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Intellectual Property Rights Violation in the UAE and Laws to Protect Against It

Intellectual Property violation is an out breaking criminal offense in the UAE. Many traders sold unlocked set-top-boxes which given access to several free exclusive channels. The circumstances fall under the Federal Copyright Law No. 7 and Federal Trademark Law No. 37 of protection laws of IP which considered acting against the trades for such criminal activities. Formal charges under Federal Law No. 3 of 2003 must be made if any guilty is found and caught stated by Harfan and Doudar...
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Intellectual Property and Its Protection

Intellectual property (IP) is intangible and it was protected by law, such as patents, copyright, trademarks and trade secret law. It is used to ensure any work that is creative such as invention of people can legally protected under the law. As an example of Siva Vaidhyanathan. He is best known for her writing in cultural criticism. He is concern about relationship among information control, property rights, technologies and social norms. Thus, she established some books like ‘The Rise of...
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Essay on Copyright: Pros and Cons

To creative individuals and consumers alike, it remains difficult to completely understand the complexities of copyright and the legislation that simultaneously runs parallel. Many view it as a challenging and theoretically intricate subject, but also realize its importance to almost every facet of our social and cultural world. Essentially, only the expression of an idea is protected by copyright but not the idea itself. Despite the well-established control of copyright practices for intellectual property in regard to how it is...
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Essay on Copyright and Its Regulation

Defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, copyright is an exclusive law, which protects the creative works of an individual for a fixed amount of time. Copyright laws have been implemented worldwide to limit the use of copies of an existing work without making compensation to the creative originator for their ‘intellectual labor’. However, copyright does not protect an idea but the form of expression. Nowadays, the regulation of copyright material has become increasingly difficult with the introduction of multimedia. Which...
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Essay on Copyright and Its Protection

Copyright legislation is said to be part of the wider body of law known as intellectual property. In ancient period authors wrote for fame and recognition and it was not their bread and so the question of copyright never arose. The need for copyright protection arose after the introduction of printing as it enabled reproduction of books in large quantities. It came to be regarded as a property right and hence required protection. Copyright in a given country is regulated...
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