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Throughout this text there will be a coherent and short explanation of the Evolution of the Roman Law. The History of Roman Law is divided in four main important periods. It begins with the Monarchy, also known as Regal Period. Stablishing the state division of power and the form in which the law was applied. Furthermore, it advances to the Roman Republic divided into the Early Republic and Late Republic. Outlining the main advances done within the ius civile, legal...
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Roman-Dutch / Common law The introduction of Roman-Dutch law into Namibia is closely interconnected with the political and historical advancement of Namibia, after the occupation of the territory by South African troops in 1915, German law continued to be in force except for such laws as were found obligatory to be retracted under martial law. Roman-Dutch law was officially acquainted as the common law of the territory by Proclamation 21 of 1919, (S.W.A Gazette, No. 25 of 1919) which provided...
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Myths and Legends Romulus and Remus were the founders of the city of Rome in Roman mythology. In Roman mythology they were twins. Their mother was the priestess Rhea Silvia, and their father was Mars, the god of war. The two brothers later quarreled over who should get the support of the local god to name the new city, and a battle even broke out, resulting in Romulus killing Remus. Romulus later founded the Roman Senate. By robbing nearby Sabine...
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Crime, or what one in the twenty-first century may perceive as crime, has changed drastically since historical and societal formation. From the times of Hammurabi to now, much has changed; a minor crime today may have carried the death penalty when he was walking around. This essay will go over ancient crime in a multitude of eras and empires from Mesopotamia, to Ancient Rome, to the Aztecs all the while including the various law codes each society had. Traditionally, when...
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