Essay on Why Did Emmett Till Whistle

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    • Who - Name the Figure/Persons involved

Emmet Till

    • When - Identify the dates of the key events that this person/Group was involved in.

Born: 25th July 1941 in Chicago

20th of August 1955, he saw his mother for the last time. He went to live with his uncle,

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August 28th – Roy Bryant and half-brother J.W Milam killed Emmet Till.

    • What - Provide 1-2 paragraphs on the person/incident and what happened

The reason Emmet Till is so famous for making a change In civil rights is because of his murder. Emmet Till was accused of fox-whistling at a white lady in the grocery store. The lady had told people about him accusing her, 72hrs after he accused the lady he was brutally murdered by Roy Bryant and her half-brother J.W Milam. His body was put on display for the public for 5 days. Later the lady admitted that Emmet Till did not do anything in the store to harm her.

12 months later the 2 men admitted to the murder. The men could not be trialed for the same crime twice. This means the men were ‘not guilty’ and got away with it.

    • Why – Identify why this person/incident is a key moment in time for civil rights advancement in the USA

The reason why this key event is such a key moment in history is that the only reason Emmet got murdered was that he was black and a white lady accused him of abusing her by apparently-whistlingly in a grocery store. Later on, Roy Bryant and J.W Milam murdered Emmet. This is such a big moment in history because the 2 men that murdered Emmet faced court but pleaded ‘not guilty” this is because the judge was white.

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