Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover Essay

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Whites are the superior race to every other race like blacks. Harper Lee made the book To kill a mockingbird about how one race gets all and the others get nothing. Tom Robinson is a black man and he went to court and almost won the case.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, because nobody is really who they seem to be.

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Tom Robinson was a black man accused of raping a white girl and was sent to jail for committing the crime because he is black. Mayella Ewell in her final words said, “I got something to say and I ain’t going to say it no more. That negro over yonder took advantage of me.” (Lee, 181) In saying that sentence Tom gets sent to jail and later dies of a gunshot.

Dill was saying to Scout that Jem was acting more like a girl every day, and Scout agreed. It relates to the theme because it was saying that a guy (Jem) was acting more like a girl every day and it goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover. Another example of this happening is that Scout, a girl, calls her older brother a girl every single day. Atticus was the best lawyer anyone could have asked for and he was assigned to help a black man. Atticus was accused of not being the best lawyer anymore because he was assigned to a negro and lost the case. Atticus was also called names like negro lover and other mean names by the people and this shows that not all people are good and people cannot be judged by a singular cover. Boo was a rare character and he was known in the book to be a bad character that ate others and never did any good. When Jem and Scout were walking home after a play they had, they were attacked by someone, and after Jem was knocked out Boo came and helped them both by killing the stranger who turned out to be Bob Ewell. Boo was said to be all mean and here he came killing to protect the people that protected him from himself, which is yet another way to show my theme. Scout is called a tomboy every day that she walks outside, and she likes it. Jem and everyone else in the book calls her a tomboy, and she then goes on as a tomboy for the rest of the book. She also likes to be called a boy sometimes and there is the last connection--to never judge a book by its cover.

Heck, Tate is the sheriff of Maycomb county and he will do whatever he can to protect Maycomb and its citizens. Heck, Tate has conversed with Atticus about cases for him to defend the accused or vice versa. First of all, he told Atticus he should oppose the accused for a case that was announced in the book. Second, off he tells Atticus to defend a negro after getting accused of rape. He also was the one to accuse the negro of raping an innocent white girl and he was also the one to tell robbers to get away from a store. Third off Heck Tate went to Bob Ewell’s house and saw Mayella Ewell beaten around the face and had hand and finger marks around her neck. Forth off he went to the store one day and there was a negro that worked at a grocery store Bob Ewell was following her calling her names and he saw the actions and told him to stay on his lawn when she walks by and stay there or he will get arrested. Heck, Tate goes up to give his testimony about Mayella and what happened the day she was supposedly rapped. He was telling the truth about what he saw and he saw her beaten on the floor with bruise marks around her face therefore he was protecting someone in his county. He went to help a negro girl feel safe going to and from work by telling people to stop bugging her. He was going to the grocery store when he saw a negro in a phone booth with a man outside looking into it and he told the man to back off and let her go and told him to go home. He told Bob Ewell to stop following the girl and leave her alone and stay at his home. The Doctor from the television show Doctor Who is a protector of mankind and has never let anything stop him. Heck, Tate and the Doctor are protecting something that they care dearly for and they will stop at nothing to protect it. Both have protected what they needed to for a long time and helped many people and have both fought battles and almost never lost.

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