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Informative Essay on Forensic Psychology

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The connection of how the mind ties into behavior has been studied for centuries with the help of psychology, but new aspects of it have helped the world with delving into specific minds, ones of the incarcerated, and how psychology involves the justice system. Forensic psychology is defined as the combination of using psychological theories and the legal system to help people who have come into contact with the law. These types of psychologists do more than just the regular study of behavior by applying it to law and how people react while in the justice system. This aspect of psychology has been growing throughout the years, but everyday people seem to mix up what the job is about and how forensic psychology helps the world. Certain skills are needed for this profession that a graduate psychologist could not do without extra knowledge. The work is extremely extensive and difficult but could be rewarding when successful in helping those who come across the law.

Since forensic psychology is a new, up-and-coming field of work, there are a lot of questions arising about the whole topic. People do not usually know what this subdiscipline of psychology is about and think of it as the TV show, Criminal Minds, but that is far from the truth. The most asked question about forensic psychology is, “what actually is the field about and what do you need to know to pursue it?” Forensic psychology requires the understanding of precise clinical assessment that includes documenting data with adequate detail that will allow for judgment in a court case when presented to others (American Psychologist). To be able to correctly conduct a clinical assessment, a person would need to know the research behind what is being assessed, along with the skills of communication. Without solid communication skills, discipline is almost impossible since talking with others is a necessary part of the job. After acquiring the needed knowledge and skill after years of studying, forensic psychology could help millions with tasks of interviewing already captured criminals, assisting in child custody placements, counseling the families involved in a case, and treatment plans for offenders. People wonder all the time how knowledge is gained in this field, and it includes hard work of knowing how to investigate and conduct consultations. This knowledge is only given by schooling beyond a bachelor’s degree and requires a master’s in psychology, a license to be able to counsel others, and a Ph.D./Psyd since psychologists cannot give guidance to others without these things provided. Forensic psychologists also need at least two years of experience from a credential internship (Varela & Conroy). Once certified, they are often highly valued in the psychology world and especially by others working in law as well.

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This type of field cannot work without being highly trained since they specialize in a certain aspect. Forensic psychologists often succeed in the justice system, pertaining to courtrooms and also in counseling the families who are with the convicted or with the victim. The field has them conduct multiple assessments of offenders to look for psychological disorders and see if they are able to stand trial. They can also be called into court to testify about the information found and the mental state of who they are testifying for. Although forensic psychologists technically aren’t doctors, they are still required to know how to diagnose someone with a mental disorder and have learned how with their Ph.D. or PsyD or the assessment wouldn’t be clinical. Those without a clinical license or schooling in a Ph.D. of some sort aren’t allowed to conduct therapy or evaluations (Drogin).

Since forensic psychologists are looking into the minds of offenders, they need to know how to present the information given to the examinee and inform the offender of their rights (Varela & Conroy). Without informing the rights of someone who is being examined and having their information be said aloud in court, they could lose their license and credibility. This instance is exactly why having to get additional schooling is important. As well as working with offenders or the accused, forensic psychologists deal alongside families by giving them therapy sessions during a court case if needed as a third-party neutral role. They comfort families for therapeutic purposes, but also use the information gathered for research purposes and assist in future investigations to look for patterns (American Psychologist). These patterns could be of the offender, which includes their method of crime, why they did the crime, and what signs they showed before doing it. Not only during an open court case where a forensic psychologist is needed but also in prisons for those who are incarcerated. They aid in taking an evaluation of prisoners, seeing what their mental state is and how they can use this information while interviewing the incarcerated for active pursuits of offenders who have the same behavioral style.

After consulting with families, victims, or offenders, forensic psychologists use this information to inform the outside world. They take test results and common behaviors, especially from criminals, and give them out during a court case or to a local police force to try and educate others on what they should look for in the future. For example, evaluating an offender could tell a forensic psychologist what goes through their minds when they want to commit a crime and they use that information to let others know of warning signs they need to look out for in individuals who seem suspicious. The information collected in a clinical assessment also is distributed to schooling for research purposes and gives students who are pursuing the field a chance to see real evidence and provides them with experience

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