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High School to College Transition Experience: Personal Narrative Essay

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What makes the idea of transitioning to college so intense? For starters, a transition is defined as “an event or non-event that results in changed relationships, routines, assumptions, and roles”. The transition from high school to college is undoubtedly a very changing time for the lives of many young individuals. This is a huge step into the real world for most people. It is the beginning of newfound freedom that none of them ever experienced. My transition into college has been different and somewhat intense, but not unbearable.

Coming into college I wasn’t exactly embracing it with open arms, but I was ready to start this new chapter in my life. I’ve always had my mind set on going to college after high school, so it wasn't something I was forced into. However, ever since I decided to pick Northern Arizona University as my forever home for the next four years, I became apprehensive. I began to question and still being to question to this day if I made the right choice in schools, and question if I will stick to NAU all four years. On top of my questioning myself, I have gained a lot of stress from this transition. Being in a new environment, I have new responsibilities and experiences I must go through. For instance, having more independence means I have to keep myself on track with schoolwork and personal chores, which has been tricky at times.

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Having social support has been an asset to my situation. I have had my parents to talk to on the phone when I have had my homesickness and school mental breakdowns. They have been able to talk me down and get back to a level-headed mindset. Then, I have made groups of friends that range from people from back home and people I just meet. Having these friends have allowed me to feel more comfortable in this new living situation. They have gotten me to get out of my room to go on adventures or just go out to dinner at the DüB.

Fortunately, I have gone through some life transitions similar to this one. For instance, early in my teen years, I went from a school I had attended for seven years where I had the same friends and the same rules, then I went to a new school filled with new people and new rules. At that time, the transition was much harder than it is now because I became very reserved and standoffish among my peers and teachers. However, from that past experience of transferring schools, I have been able to use it to my advantage. When coming to NAU, I made sure I did the opposite of what I did back in eighth grade, and this time made sure I opened myself up to meet new people and experience new things.

A lot of my assets and liabilities lie within my personal and demographic characteristics. Living where I live and being who I give me an advantage over how I live here in college. Being that I live in Reilly Hall as an incoming freshman, I have the ability to meet and get to know people closer to my age and stage of life. However, it does set some liabilities for me. For instance, living in a place with people that have similar interests and energy can get you sidetracked from the things you need to get done at times. That's where a college is a balancing act. The transition is the time you can find your strengths and weaknesses.

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