My Strengths as a Student: Narrative Essay

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Mechanical engineering is a combination of hard and soft skills in the fields of mathematics, computer knowledge, design, and collaboration. Since they operate in multiple fields such as manufacturing, academics, and automotive, this is more or less one of the most comprehensive engineering fields.

As a student of mechanical engineering, I use my knowledge to create, construct and test mechanical equipment such as motors and machines. What's more, in order to function properly and ensure that the project is also working and safe to use, I learned the skills of communication, problem-solving, and reasoning. There are top skills needed in 2022 and some of those skills are my strengths that are listed below.

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Analytical thinking and innovation - The ability to gather data and information and analyze it. For my strength, I seek solutions to various problems and make wise decisions about what to do next. For my weakness, I spend a lot of time gathering the facts necessary to make critical decisions. To avoid this situation, I must practice time management.

Active learning and learning strategies - The ability to comprehend the existing and potential problem-solving as well as decision-making consequences of new knowledge. For my strength, in order to better understand concepts or complete tasks faster and more efficiently, I organize and use a specific set of skills. For my weakness, I'm not good at memorization. To avoid this, I have to practice repeatedly thinking/reviewing things so that I can remember them.

Creativity, originality, and initiative - The ability to go beyond traditional approaches, take action, and step up, without even getting questioned. For my strength, I often put forward unique or outstanding ideas on a particular topic or create innovative solutions to problems. My weakness, I always get shy to voice out my ideas. In order to overcome this weakness, I always think that people will like my ideas, which gives me courage.

Technology Design and Programming - The ability to produce or modify devices and software to meet the needs of users and write software programs for various objectives. For my strength, I'm familiar with circuit boards, generators, processors, electrical devices, and operating systems for computers. As my weakness, I’m kind of sloppy in Excel. To overcome this, I read books about it. I also enrolled in an online course to be good at it.

Critical thinking and analysis - The ability to interpret data and use logic to solve concerns and challenges. For my strength, I'm able to identify many facets of a problem and to fully comprehend why there is such one. I always try my best to truly analyze the problem. For my weakness, my pride often prevents me from acknowledging what I don't know. In order to avoid this situation, I must listen to more than I speak, and keep an understanding of what I don’t understand.

Complex problem-solving - The ability to address unexpected issues and settle disputes. For my strength, I have strong problem-solving skills which can be used to solve possible problems. For my weakness, there are times when I make things more difficult than they have to be. To overcome this, I must simplify the issues by generalization.

Leadership and social influence - The ability to encourage others and generate resources to achieve goals. For my strength, I have the ability to guide, motivate and empower the team to achieve our goals. I'm responsible, hard-working, and committed to a good performance. For my weakness, I seldom don't provide feedback to my team whether it is an excellent or ineffective task. To avoid this, I have to advise them of their errors and give them suggestions on how they can develop.

Emotional intelligence - The ability to consider and control your own feelings as well as those of others around you. For my strength, I pay attention to the needs and concerns of certain people in order to provide support and understanding at work. For my weakness, I barely remember people’s names. To avoid this, I should take note of the person’s name when they say it, then repeat it to myself for a few seconds, since one of the simplest and most efficient ways to establish connections with other persons is to remember names.

Reasoning, and problem-solving - These abilities enable you to think about important choices, resolve issues, create new ideas, and achieve goals, which are vital to your professional development. As a strength, I'm good at quickly solving issues as they occur. The ability to solve problems allows me to assess the causes of problems and how to solve them. For my weakness, there are times when I make things more difficult than they have to be. To overcome this, I must simplify the issues by generalization.

Systems analysis and evaluation - The method of defining concerns and managing a system's facts and information. For my strength, I have the skills to think critically, analyze and understand the program’s composition, so I know how it works, where it might go wrong, and how to solve it. One must be good at reading and comprehension in order to understand the written paragraphs in work-related reports. Sadly, I'm not good at that. I have no patience whenever I read long paragraphs. To solve this, practice focusing on reading more books or articles.

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