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Professionalism can be viewed as appropriate behavior and adherence to accepted concepts and practices. It is critical not only in Information and Technology/Network Security but of great importance in other areas as well.

Several of the key areas of Network Security professionalism are literacy, certifications, competency, ethics, knowledgeability, learning ability, care, and pride. Professionalism and ethics should be educated and practiced at all levels whether in schools, universities or at work. Professionalism is necessary not only in information technologies/network security but also in other areas to achieve reputation, ethical behavior, and added value for any company.

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This report discusses IT professionalism and ethics, and the application of professionalism in the IT/Network Security industry. Based on studies and research, ethics, and professionalism in IT/Network Security and other fields are discussed below:

  1. Why is IT professionalism needed and why is it necessary?
  2. What is ethics? Why the need for ethics?
  3. The Role of Ethics in Information Technology/Network Security?


IT Professionals should not only have good technical knowledge and experience but also have a successful mindset/hiring with good soft skills such as communication, interpersonal relationships/skills, analysis, statistics, management/leadership, etc.

Companies today need professionalism to offer their customers the best and to meet requirements. Professionalism also provides a platform for ethical trading. This dramatically/greatly improves profits, production, and high market value within a company. It is very beneficial to those who respect it and has a positive impact on society today.

Let’s look at some of the features that characterize the expert.

  • Credibility/Trustworthiness: Professionals trust what they do and trust others as well.
  • Honesty: The professional is sincere in his work and adheres to a good code of conduct.
  • Punctuality: This is one of the most important aspects of professionalism and credibility.
  • Responsibility: The professional is responsible for his/her work and does it effectively.
  • Leadership: Professionals have good team skills and are good team players.
  • Confidentiality: Maintains the confidentiality of information within the organization.
  • Competence: The expert is officially qualified in their field.

What is Ethics:

Ethics can be seen as a regulation that distinguishes between right and wrong. There should also be a distinction between acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

Why Ethics is necessary?

Ethics helps visitors to respect and value themselves like anyone else. It is based on fundamental principles such as trust, openness, integrity, quality, success, and reputation. Ethics within the organization help retain experience and minimize unemployment. The goal is to increase the profits and productivity of the organization’s employees.

Why IT professionalism and reliability is needed and why could it be important?

  • a) Drive growth and add value to the organization.
  • b) Helps provide better customer service.
  • c) Builds trust with employers and employees within the organization.
  • d) Create a company-specific brand value.
  • e) IT professionalism forms the pillar of the company’s own vision and mission.
  • f) Improves customer satisfaction.

However, they need to be aware of different types of education programs, different positions and responsibilities, and some aspects of the supply and demand of employment. They are experts in compliance with the work of all computing workers. And the importance of proper ethical behavior in the group, being aware of the implications of IT for society and the individual as a whole, and addressing various issues at work.

Role of Ethics and Professionalism in Information Technology/Network Security

It has modernized the standard of living of mankind. In IT, professionalism plays an important role in bringing about change in the organization and the humanities. Technology can be used for benefit or destruction. Ethics plays an important role in determining the proper use of technology. There is a fine line between professional and non-professional. IT professionals need to have the right code of conduct, the right attitude, and good ethics and not abuse technology.

Nowadays, due to rapid advances in technology, there is widespread misuse of technology. With the rise of the internet, unethical and unprofessional behavior has led to serious problems such as computer viruses, spam, and hacking.

In IT education, ethics should be taught and allowed to be applied in all schools and institutions. Students should be aware of the consequences of unethical behavior. It is at an early stage that these values should be established in them, which will help them more in the future. Cybercrime has increased due to the misuse of the internet. Often, students are unaware of ethical standards and professional behavior. Professionalism in schools and institutions should be strictly observed and studied in the first stage. Copying is unethical in universities. It is unfair to make a copy of other people’s thoughts and work without proper confirmation from the original author, and serious action is taken and enforced.

Case Study and personal experience

Personally, studying the importance and role of ethics and professionalism in IT has been an incredible learning experience. As the famous quote says, “Character, not circumstances, makes man”, professionalism and ethics help to use science and technology for noble purposes.

In this report, we will discuss unprofessional behavior and some of the reasons for it. Unprofessional behavior is mainly due to a lack of ethics and soft skills.

Let’s look at some of the differences between professionals and non-professionals:


  • Respect yourself and respect others.
  • Honestly performs its duties.
  • Responsible and dedicated.
  • Skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced.
  • Team player and good management skills.
  • Good communicator.
  • The right attitude and sound character.


  • Do not respect others.
  • Lack of honesty and failure to perform their duties.
  • Not responsible or dedicated.
  • Lack of knowledge, skills, and experience.
  • No team player and has no management skills.
  • He/She is not a good communicator.
  • Bad attitude and bad personality.

The difference between an expert/professional and a technician is that a technician knows everything about his/her work, except his/her ultimate goal and his position in planning things.

An example of immoral/unethical behavior in an organization is if an employee of an organization does not follow the proper code of conduct and policies, he/she will be punished/penalized.

Individuals without moral values do not succeed in their field. For example, the case where the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima was completely unethical. People were not educated on the danger and extent of damage from the atomic bomb. Many lives would have been saved if they were given proper knowledge and security during the war.

How does IT professionalism apply to me?

In the same way, IT professionals can help move forward in the IT industry. Whether the goal is to become a network support engineer or to become a networking expert, it’s helpful to have a career development plan.

The IT industry is changing rapidly, so skills and knowledge must be constantly updated to be proficient and successful. Certificates play an important role in the IT industry and with proper planning and management of day-to-day activities, an individual is able to gain advanced certification and hands-on experience in networking. Network professionals ensure the security of confidential information on the internet. They must adhere to ethical standards in the performance of their duties and provide appropriate advice to colleagues or clients.

Some essential guidelines and practices for network professionals are:

  • Technical expertise and knowledge.
  • Confidentiality within the organization and with clients.
  • Compliance with proper moral codes.
  • Compliance with principles and practices.


In today’s world, the role of the IT professional is crucial. IT is not only about acquiring professional skills, knowledge, experience, and certification, but also about giving equal importance to basic ethical values, principles, and ethical conduct. This will have a huge impact on personal life, positive changes in an organization, and benefit society. A true professional is a combination of great knowledge and skills with good character and qualities. The government and the organization should promote IT professionalism and punish the employees or workers who do not follow it. Professionalism and ethics are clearly defined in other professions, such as a doctor, lawyers, engineers, etc. IT professionals are more concerned with technical expertise, knowledge, experience, and certification, and there are no clear guidelines for ethical conduct. Professional skills are best learned when one practices them rather than studying them.

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