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Freedom of speech must be allowed in higher education institutions. The reason for this is that it is a core value in the democratic process, and it ensures that people can discuss exchange and debate ideas. The important thing is that it pursues knowledge and protects one's dignity. Hyman. J (2008, p10)

Freedom of speech is a key part of higher education institutions, which allows students to expand their way of thinking about specific topics. Each student has a different view on each topic. By allowing students to express their views and discuss their views freely, other people can have different views on different topics. In addition, by allowing students the right to freedom of speech, they can be protected from the real world. Hancock.M (2008, p. 2) According to an article in 'FIRE', there is a university that only allows students to have freedom of speech in a certain area of u200bu200bthe campus. San Francisco State University (SFSU) is one of the universities that has been violated. Students are afraid to fight for their beliefs. Although their constitutional rights guarantee their freedom to demonstrate peacefully. This should not be allowed because it deprives them of their right to freedom of speech. As higher education students, they should be allowed to express their different opinions throughout the classroom and outside the school. Because universities do not allow students to have freedom of speech, they do not know how to respect the opinions of others in a respectful way, and it also undermines the ideals of general education. It is also important that students have the right to freedom of speech. Colleges and universities provide students with political associations and trade unions on all campuses so that they have the right to express themselves through free speech. Be told to adults. General education is important for innovation because some countries have cases of diversity and complexity that need to be reviewed. Hancock. M (2008, p. 15)

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The First Amendment to the United States Constitution establishes freedom of religion, petitions, assemblies, the press, and speech, and was passed in 1791 (the Bill of Rights of 1791). People question the extent of their freedom under the First Amendment, and free speech is the most misunderstood of the five elements because it has been discussed many times in court. Faced with the issue of freedom of public expression, it is not surprising that when public schools with large numbers of adolescents and children implement freedom of expression, this issue has become a hot topic of debate on whether students should be fully protected. First Amendment. Hudson. L (2012, page 10) Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (December 10, 1948) recognizes that freedom of speech is a human right. This right includes the freedom to express opinions without interference and the freedom to seek and receive in any way. And the freedom to disseminate information.

The Supreme Court also admitted that the government has blocked some speech that may lead to violence, and that the right to freedom of speech also includes the dissemination of information in other media. For a speech that is less protected and less protected, it is necessary to promote illegal behavior and fights. All these types of speech, commercial speech, and obscene content involve legal activities, and it is stipulated that speech must not be misleading. Hudson. L (2012, p. 25) Freedom of speech is a series of activities involved in the production of knowledge because it is one of the basic pillars of social construction. The book 'University Ideas states that higher education institutions must commit to accepting different perspectives and free inquiry. This is a powerful argument because 'David Isaac firmly believes that religion and knowledge are not mutually opposed, but inseparable. Some of our communities are increasingly made up of people from different communities with different perspectives and different lives. For this or the role of society as a whole, we must ensure that our foundation is based on common values u200bu200bof tolerance, understanding, and mutual respect. Isaac. (2019, p. 8) C


Freedom of expression is a core value in the democratic process and a key part of the educational experience because it provides insight into how to respect the norms and beliefs of others. Nishio (2017, p2) This includes the right to wear religious clothing, speak about their beliefs or participate in religious worship. This is a restriction on it. Although as far as public authorities are concerned, they cannot interfere with your right to maintain or change your beliefs, in some cases, public authorities may interfere with your expression or display of your thoughts, beliefs, and religious beliefs Rights, only when the authorities can prove the legitimacy, necessity, and proportionality of the protection of public security, order, etc. Cheerful (2017, p72)


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