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Importance and Necessity of the Freedom of Speech in the Modern World: Argumentative Essay

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From the beginning of time, many have craved the ability to freely express themselves. Although freedom of speech is a complicated concept, we should not identify it as a challenge. Nonetheless, we should seek to understand it. Freedom of speech is essential for society. A society without freedom of speech, is a society without progression. When citizens are able to speak freely they are then able to move freely, often resulting in a successful culture. When we think about it, most of our rights today would not have been attained without freedom of speech.

Think about Rosa Parks. She was arrested for not giving up her bus seat to a white male passenger. The following day Martin Luther King Jr. organized the Montgomery Bus Boycott. He proposed that African Americans should refrain from using public transportation. This boycott went on for 381 days and was very powerful. So powerful that a federal court ruled that is was unconstitutional to keep buses segregated. Ultimately, the Supreme Court agreed. Through freedom of speech, Martin Luther King Jr. was able to influence many and bring about social change.

Then we have James Baldwin who understood that he had to reveal the truths about his race and country. He had to enlighten The United States about racism and inequality. He approached racism as well as homosexuality fearlessly through his literature. As a gay, black man, you would think he would feel defeated. As a matter of fact, he was once asked if he thought he was of bad fortune. He replied saying “No, I believe I have hit the jackpot.” He believed his identity established his story, then his story formed his influence and his influence further assisted his speech. Ultimately, his speech impacted lives across America causing awareness ultimately leading to change.

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Of course I have to mention Malcolm X. His philosophies from Muhammad Speaks on black beauty, pride, and power blanketed the country. In fact, it was the most read black newspaper in the 60’s. In the same time period, X became the most in demand speaker in The United States. At that time, his Unity Rally was one of the most attended civil rights gatherings.Through Malcolm’s free speech, he was able to educate many on their beauty. In the end, this brought them together to fight for equality.

Lastly, yet certainly not least, it is a must that I speak on Barack Obama. What better example of social change is there than our first African American President of the United States of America? However, it was not always that way. Actually, in the beginning of his campaign he had very little support. But in time his campaign became a movement. His First Amendment protected speeches promised change. With these speeches, he inspired many. This led to his Presidential Election in 2008. Throughout Obama’s presidency, he influenced many to become more thoughtful of others. He, along with his wife, spoke on kindness frequently. He often said “I’m not the president of black America. I’m the president of The United States of America.” With emphasis on united. Obama was able to bring many ethnicities as well as genders together for the greater good, just through his powerful free speech.

Indeed, many of our Ancestors fought with free speech so that we could be where we are today. Although Freedom of Speech may be hard to define, if you strive to understand it you could become a powerful individual. When you possess the ability to speech freely, you possess the ability to change lives. Freedom of speech is essential for a progressing society. It is your right, granted by the First of The First Amendment of The Constitution of the United States and is is very necessary.

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