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Anxiety: Signs, Types And Solutions

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What is anxiety?

Anxiety is like stress. It is a fear of something that is coming in the near future. Anxiety is a totally normal thing to have, it is a natural thing that your body does, but when your anxiety last for long amounts of time and starts to affect your day to day life, then you have an anxiety disorder.

What are some of the signs that someone has anxiety? (Emotionally)

Some of the signs include being unnecessarily stressed over simple things and finding simple problems overwhelming. Always worrying about something that’s coming up in the near future (the inability to subside worries and restlessness.) A lack of concentration is a common sign of anxiety because your mind is constantly worrying and stressing about other things. Having a small feeling of impending doom and that nothing is ever going to go right. These are some of the emotional signs that you have anxiety.

What are some of the signs that someone has anxiety? (Physically)

All this stress and worrying affects your physical health as well as your mental health. Some of the thing anxiety do to your body are insomnia, nausea, palpitation, shortness of breath and sweating. Insomnia is a disorder that means you find it hard to sleep, you find it hard to get to sleep and you wake up a lot at night. Lack of sleep causes headaches and fatigue which are also physical symptoms of anxiety. Nausea is an uncomfortable feeling that makes you dizzy and it also makes you feel like vomiting. Palpitation is an increase of the pace or strength of your heart rate, palpitation only occurs if you haven’t been doing physical exercise. Like palpitation, shortness of breath and sweating are normal things that happens to the body when you are doing exercise (for sweating this include heat as well) but when this happens when you are stressing then it is a sign of anxiety.

What types of Anxiety orders are there?

Generalised anxiety order

This is the most common type of anxiety disorder is the generalised anxiety order (also known as GAD). Anyone at any age can get this type of anxiety disorder, the effects of it are the exact same to the ones that were listed previously. Treatment can be given by a therapist or antidepressant drugs.

This case report is about a 45 year old man called Joe. He spent 20 years in the army but he doesn’t not suffer from post dramatic stress. He described himself as a ‘worrier.’ Ever since he was a kid he always used to worry about everything. Once he went to the army his anxiety died down but once he left the army it came back stronger than ever. His wife pushed him to seek professional help and once he started seeing a psychologist she diagnosed him with GAD. He practiced different exercises to reduce his stress and it really helped with his GAD. Now days Joe is cured of his GAD with no antidepressant and just by seeing a psychologist.

Social anxiety

Social anxiety is a type of anxiety that you get from social situations. It makes you feel like you are being watched and judged by other people. You get embarrassed easily and you are always self-conscious.

Chloe has self-diagnosed herself to have Social anxiety. Whenever she is in public places she wants to get out of there. She feels uncomfortable when she’s in those types of those situations. All she wants to do is be alone in her room. She has not looked professional help and if she still has Social anxiety is unknown.

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Panic disorder

Panic disorder is a disorder that means that you have recurring, unexpected and unnecessary panic attacks throughout your day to day life.

This is a story about a person called Katie. Katie suffered from a panic disorder. It wasn’t always so bad but it slowly got worse to a point where she really needed help. She got help and it helped a bit but it wasn’t enough. She decided to take up drinking, things were starting to get really bad but her mum and dad came to her aid. They helped her to see good in her life and now she’s a lot better.

Obsessive compulsive disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder also known as OCD, is a disorder that causes you to have rather crazy, compulsive, obsessions. These can include the arrangement of objects and having germaphobia.

This case report is about a person called Daince. It started one day while she was at church and all of a sudden she felt like when she looked at someone it was wrong. After ten years she decided that she needed a new psychiatrist. This one specialized in anxiety disorders and then over the next five years she made a remarkable improvement. Her fellow siblings looked after her very well and not long after that she was for the most part better.

Post dramatic stress disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder (also known as PTSD) is a special type of anxiety which people get from a memory of something. This occurs a lot in soldiers coming back from a war.

This is a story about P.K. Phillps. He was physically, mentally and sexually abused at a young age. He was also stabbed and left to die, but he didn’t. After the police stepped in they offered him a rape councilor but he denied help. For the next couple of years he had trouble with sleeping, he couldn’t get to sleep without seeing his attacker. After he turned 17 his visons died down to very few a year but once he had a daughter they started happening again but with his daughter. Only this time he got help, he was diagnosed with PTSD. Now days they have reduced to a minimal amount again and he is continuing his life as normal again.

What can people do about anxiety?

The most important thing you need to do if you have anxiety is talk about it to someone, start of with someone you know and trust. If it still seems to get worse talk to a professional. You are not ‘weak’ to talk about this with someone. In fact, people who don’t talk to anyone a weaker and they won’t get any better.

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