Stress: Psychological Difference Between People

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Wherever you are and whatever you are doing you can’t stay away from stress, yet you can figure out ways to oversee it. Stress can be our way to react to any mental, physical, and emotional factor that causes mental tension or any response to a change that requires a modification or a reaction. Stress is both outside and inside of us. External events or situations can cause stress. In addition, the internal thoughts, the way we see an event, or the way we cope with changes can also be characterized as stress. Stress can be caused by social events, overthinking, environmental, and psychological situations.

First of all, there are five components of stress: stressors are basically the same definition as stress, any event or situation that causes stress it can be physical or mental, for example, a student has to present a presentation in front of his class. as a teen, the one thing he or she doesn’t want to happen in this situation is getting embarrassed in front of his or her friends this student will start thinking ‘’what will happen if I hesitated or the teacher asked a question I don’t know its answer or what if I mispronounced a word’’ all of this going through his or her head will eventually cause stress. To avoid stressors you must change specific behaviors. For example, if you are a caffeine, alcohol, or nicotine addict you must reduce the amount you take every day till you stop taking it. Another way of dealing with stressors is by talking to someone, keeping yourself busy by doing any kind of activity, getting more sleep, and meditating.

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Stress response or ‘’fight or flight‘’ is the reaction the body takes when exposed to a certain situation. The stress response can be emotional: insecurity, anxiety, depression, guilt, and anger. Behavioral: smoking, poor appearance, aggressive speaking, fidgeting, and nail-biting. And physical: insomnia, headache, weight loss, weight gain, or increase in heart rate.

Individual difference is a study that examines the psychological differences between people. There are many types of individual differences: physical differences for example shortness, tallness, fatness, and thinness. Intelligence difference for example there are levels among individuals from 0 to 50 I.Q level to above 120 I.Q level. Attitude difference for example different people may react differently in the same situation according to a specific behavior in their traits. Achievement difference for example some may succeed in reading, writing, physical education, singing, or drawing. This difference may be visible among people at the same level of intelligence. Motor ability difference, for example, few people can perform mechanical tasks effectively, while others find it difficult to deal with it. Nationality difference, for example, People of various countries vary in regard of physical and mental contrasts, interests and character. Egyptians are loud, Russian are tall, Swiss are racist, etc. Sex difference for example women has greater skills in memory while men have greater motor ability.

The economic status differences for example complexity, interest, and tendencies may be achieved by financial differentiations. Interest differences for example differences in family background, sex, culture, and nationality cause difference in interest. The emotional difference for example some are aggressive and they can get angry easily others are cold and calm. Personality differences for example different individuals differ in their way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. The racial difference for example a sample of 433 dark and 897 white children were made and showed a huge difference in scores of the Missouri Children's Picture Series.

Allostatic load is characterized as the expense of incessant presentation to raised or fluctuating endocrine or neural reactions coming about because of ceaseless or rehashed difficulties that the individual encounters as upsetting. For example, a person suffering from chronic hypertension will eventually cause exhaustion for a long time period at an early age.

Allostatic balance is the process of achieving stability through physiological or behavioral change. Simply the balance you play between preparing the body for serious physical activity and relaxing the body. For example the balance of your way of life, work, exercise, and connections.

Conflict or struggle is a disagreement and oppositeness between two countries, people, groups, or states which most of the time is characterized by physical violence. Psychologists categorized conflicts into four different types: Approach-Approach is when there's conflict within an individual where he or she has to decide between two appealing goals. For example, you are planning a prom party half of the students are leaning toward a classic theme while others are leaning toward a masquerade theme and each theme has advantages and disadvantages and you have to decide between the two appealing themes.

Avoidance-Avoidance is when a conflict occurs and the result is uncomfortable for both outcomes so they avoid it instead of solving it. In other words a choice between two unattractive goals. For example, you have two equally important tasks you have to do right away. A person in this type of conflict will avoid these tasks because of an inability to choose which has priority. Obviously, avoidance-avoidance conflict is the worst type of conflict because they are usually unpleasant and highly stressful.

You have to decide whether you will avoid it or approach it.

Double Approach-Avoidance is a choice between two approach-avoidance conflicts. You are forced to choose between options which have advantages and disadvantages. In this type of conflict, you can’t reach a 100% satisfaction level. Whatever decision you will take guilt will follow it. For example, buying a laptop from the internet and you must pay extra fees for the delivery or buying it from the store which is 3 hours away from you.

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