Stress And Pressure In The Modern Society

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In today's society, many people are talking about a healthy lifestyle. In my opinion, a healthy lifestyle is associated with the concept of practicing a good life pattern. Hence, all human beings in this world do not run away from having problems in their lives. So, they must try to deal with it or solve the problem in their own way. When problems can not be resolved, there is a stress in their lives. In this case, the human life is unhappy, always thinking negatively when stress is not addressed. Therefore, we as humans have many ways we can avoid stress.

In my opinion, stress is caused by the pressure on some individuals as a result of problems and they do not resolve and are allowed to be plagued with these issues. Stress will affect an individual whose emotional and physical well-being or both, from the inside or the outside is due to the facts of nature. An individual is influenced by others and the environment when it comes to stress. Today, our modern life, full of challenges, puts society under extreme pressure. Usually, they think that when we are in a state of stress it is a negative experience while stress can also be a neutral (positive or negative) one from a biological point of view. Moreover, '' individuals are required to meet these demands within a period of time and poor health indicators result in a lack of balance between the demands placed on them and their own perceived capacity for stress such as psychological, physiological and behavioral reactions.'' (Palmer , 1989). Then, it can be further explained that 'it requires some adaptive response or creates tension that is the perceived stress of any actual situation or imagined as a body reaction' (Eliot, 1988). Furthemore, is the most common and short-term method of stress. Future requests in the near future or thinking about new stressors may cause acute stress. For instance, one may feel under pressure due to an upcoming deadline or disappointed if recently engaged in an argument. Therefore, solving problems can reduce the stress. Then, someone with acute stress who episodes is a person who is constantly in a state of constant stress. Those who display symptoms of episodes of stress are often caused by too much commitment and weakness in an organization. On top of that, relationships between individuals and others can be affected due to uncontrollable anger, tension and anger. Usually, those who face this pressure are the ones who constantly worry about everything. This causes the presence of various diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and more. Furthermore, the most dangerous and grinding stress in a long time is a chronic type of stress. Chronic stress is also caused by many things, including stressful living issues such as prolonged poverty, family problems such as divorced parents or unhappy marriages. The solution could not be solved by some of the individuals who were feeling depressed instead of escaping the problem and not trying to deal with it. It is also a traumatic experience in early life that can be an experience in some individuals. New and frequent acute stressors have a rapid problem solving while chronic stress continues to be unnoticed as people get used to it. It can make them vulnerable to the effects of stress regardless of the situation they are facing and become part of the individual's personality. Finally, they may also commit suicide, violent or violent acts, heart attacks and strokes when individuals have severe chronic stress. The relationship between experience of stress and health is a key component known as coping. People with stress due to insurmountable problems cause trauma or emotion, and should use coping mechanisms to help people deal with it. It also helps them to maintain their emotional well-being in the face of future problems. It seems to Lazarus's (1984) that, individuals depend on these pressures and are related to the release of pressure by the environment in which pressure is a two-way process. In addition, the theory of cognitive appraisal of mind is a pressure brought on by his conception.

In general, external and internal factors are associated with stress. Typically, everyday expectations, issues such as challenges or difficulties, jobs, environment and relationships between individuals are external factors identified. Conversely, combating the suppressive factors of external pressure and responding to the body's ability to determine is an internal factor. Nutritional status, health, fitness, emotions, sleep and rest are internal factors that influence stress. Some individuals and not others will cause some situations to be affected. Someone will be impressed by their past experience. Occasionally, a known cause or problem does not exist. Some people feel depressed more easily than others due to mental health issues such as depression, errors and extreme anxiety.

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For instance, side effects that can affect physical, emotional and mental health as a result of prolonged unresolved stress. It is important to identify what triggers stress in the patient by discussing it and trying to help resolve it. Therefore, help them identify stress sources that can cause stress and also help in management when under stress. The hospital is associated with a place of pain or hardship experience, but they already know it solve individual’s issue and also assist make quite excellent results such as triumph delivery. Thus, Lazarus (1996) identified that There are three components that usually relate to the patient regarding the stress they face: threats, unknown fears (loss, freedom or familiar environment) and challenging how one would face hospitalization.

There are factors that can cause stress among patients. Among the key stress factors are financial problems. So, everyone knows money is very important in a life. For example, a patient diagnosed with intestinal obstruction had performed laparotomy surgery and the patient was wearing a stoma bag. Therefore, the patient does not have a fixed income and requires a high cost for his own needs to buy a stoma bag. If this condition persists in causing the patient to experience stress in the person's condition and the condition of the patient increases badly with the disease it is facing. It seems higher levels of psychological distress and lower levels of psychological well-being were reported as stressors due to financial problems and led to depression in a 2016 journal of Psychosomatic Medicine. Next, patients have chronic illness lead to stress triggers. For example, a patient is diagnosed with a type 4 cervical cancer and is told by the doctor that there is no hope of healing as usual and will die any time. Therefore, the patient feels less self-esteem and uselessness to continue his life. Ice and James (2007) revealed that, the patient is uncomfortable and is suffering from acute and chronic injuries. Also, it is often associated with individual responses to physical and emotional threats because they are under significant stress. Furthemore, patients are also unhappy when staying in the wards for too long to cause stress. For example, most patients in the orthopedic ward of the patient only lie in bed and can not move due to traction on the feet and hands. Besides that, the environment in ward that causes the patient to feel stressed. For example, patients feel uncomfortable due to the noisy conditions of the patient for resting. This noisy condition occurs due to a ward full of patients especially during admission of new patients. In addition, the toilet facility in the ward is not clean which causes the patient to be uncomfortable and cause stress. Further support for this argument has come from shows the relativistic nature of stress, which occurs when no matter what the problem or threat is perceived as someone experiencing internal or external stress (Williams and Huber, 1986). Then, lack of family support when patient stay at ward can cause stress. Example, patient suffered from diabetic mellitus disease and did not receive any support such as words of passion to survive, especially from family members. This causes the patient to experience depression in his or her condition without family support. On the contrary, Stansfeld, et al (1997) describes, high blood pressure including high heart rate as a result of physiological and neuroendocrine indices resulting from poor social support (Stansfeld, et al. 1997). There are some psychological and physiological symptoms that result from constant uncontrollable stress that can cause the person to be in poor health. So, there are many ways to handle this stress. Moreover, '' The specific stresses analyzed by their lives are one way and means with the aim of helping them more effectively than the stresses they face and feeling positive - stress management '(Gale Encyclopaedia of Medicine, 2008).

Among the main ones to avoid depression is prayer. We all know that every society has religious and belief in their lives. In that case, they should pray according to their beliefs so as to reduce the pressure on themselves and the soul will always be calm. For example, for them to be Muslims, they go to the mosque for prayer or to read al-quran / remembrance (Emily Massey, 2018). In patients in the ward too, the nurse helps the patient which is unable to move from bed for the Muslims to perform the prayer in the bed. In addition, they should practice a healthy way of life. A lot of activities can be done to handle stress. Among them is exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes such as jogging, yoga, join gym, zumba, aerobics and more (American Heart Association, 2005). For example, patients with cancer such as breast cancer can do simple workouts such as brisk walking to reduce stress to avoid patients thinking about the pain they experience. Patient in ward can also undergo deep breathing exercise to reduce the stress they are experiencing like instead of breathing from the chest, breathe from the belly (Harvard Men’s Health Watch, May 2019). In fact, customers can find counselors for service assistance in counseling to overcome stress. This counselor will listen and help to give opinion to handle stress (Arnold, 1995). Therefore, the client feels calm and confident to deal with every problem faces. For example, hospitals or wards provide assistance in providing counselor services to patients. For this reason to identify personal stress triggers and discuss ways of coping with them. Those with stress are encouraged to be friends with positive and trusted people. With this, they can tell the story or share ideas about the problem. This will cause them to feel calm and less concerned about the problems they face. For example, the nurse introduced another patient with the same illness so they could share the same problem with the disease in order to reduce stress especially those with cancer. Some even think eating a lot of food can reduce stress. If they eat healthy foods it does not matter. But if it otherwise would be harmful to that man. Such as, consuming fast foods high salt, high fat like fast food. Stress can cause weight loss also due to stress. Chilnick, (2008) points out that, the accumulation of stomach fat and the enlargement of fat cells, results in 'sick' fat, both of which are caused by the stress hormone cortisol. So patient must eat healthy food according to the recommended food pyramid. Furthemore, laughter can reduce the pressure they face. Namely, feeling positive, improves the immune system from any illness by laughing and can reduce stress hormones including cortisol, epinephrine and adrenaline (Wallenstein, 2003). Such as, the nurse at ward must plays an important role in this regard to help patients reduce stress by communicating with them frequently and encouraging them to play together on a funny topic. Enough sleep can relax someone's mind. Have a good night rest which is enough to recharge or handle stressed condition in a good way. Although, about 8 hours is usually the number of individuals who are encouraged to sleep peacefully without interruption. Patients who do not sleep with a good time causes stress are called as insomnia (Neil, 2013). Besides that, helping patients in the ward do divertional therapy such as giving the patient listening to the music so that the patient forget about the pain experienced. When listening to music continuously will provide comfort to patients and reduce stress or pressure during stay in the ward (Jellison, 1975).

Finally, can not be denied, the present society who is aware of the importance of living a healthy life. However, there are still those who do not take this as an important one. We must realize that health is a guarantee for a better life. Therefore, to achieve the best level of health, a healthy lifestyle is one of the conditions. Whenever in a society itself is under pressure or inevitable stress it will cause interference in daily activities. Then, they must solve the problem rationally and can follow many methods or ways to deal with such stress. If they continue in a stressful state of stress, they may experience depression. Welfare in a society can not be possessed if it continues to live under stress. The living standards will also decline. Therefore, i hope all people to handle stress wisely. Not only are patients concerned about this stress, but those who do not have a healthy disease should also be aware.

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