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Are Young People Under To Much Pressure?

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She changed herself not because she wants to, she changes herself because of how society would want her to be like. Every time she stares in the mirror it’s a different person, the old Jane is far gone. Her old self has vanished, now she just looks like a copy of what a “normal” person should look like. Cosmetic surgery has changed her life forever, it has gotten rid of her “imperfections”. They cannot tease her because of her looks anymore. They will leave her alone just because she has changed her looks and her body shape to their standards of what perfect is. Has her life changed for the better? or the worse? This is society now. Is this society forever?

Firstly, young people are forced to pursue in education until 16 then they can go their own path if they chose to. They have to stay in school to make the best of their education, in S4 students have to take exams that will make their futures better. It was shown that 1,000 pupils were taking up counselling session due to stress for the exams, the students told the councillors they were worried about their exam results and how they think their parents would react to the results. Peter Wanless, NSPCC chief executive, said: “Waiting for exam results can be an anxious time for young people and can leave some struggling to cope.

“Pressure to achieve good grades and worries about securing further education places and jobs can be too much for some teenagers to deal with on their own. This makes it hard for pupils to concentrate on school work and for the exams they will be sitting, it also shows parents being involved, parents usally wants what is best for their child but they also care for them. Pupils are just expected to walk into exams halls and be able to everything in a click of a finger but in reality they have to think and try remember what they revised for, that what makes it hard for pupils to sit exams.

Another aspect of young people being under pressure is they are pressured to look a certain way because of the way society now. 'During our focus group conversations, we learned that young people don't think about nutrition when it comes to eating,' Len-Ríos said. 'They think more about calorie-counting, which isn't necessarily related to a balanced diet.'

Nowadays mostly everyone wants to have a perfect body so they do not look at how foods they think would actually affect them, people may think some foods will make them thinner but they could also be damaging to health. 35% of girls age 11-12 from 1000 young people from girlguiding said that they compare themselves and lives with other girls. Ruth Marvel, deputy chief executive of Girlguiding, said girls had spoken of the “increasing pressure to live the ‘perfect’ life online and the negative impact this is having on their wellbeing”, adding: “We need to listen and take girls’ voices seriously to protect their happiness, wellbeing and opportunities in life, both online and offline.”

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Social media is a major issue, often we are comparing lives and looks to super models or celebrities. On social media you can only see what has been shown on a screen but you do not know what’s behind the camera. A college student named Madison holleran committed suicide, even though her instagram feed did not show any signs of her suffering from severe depression.

You usually think what you see on social media is true so you try and live up to expectations without giving it a second thought. This can lead to mental illnesses. Is this really what the world we want to be living in? Do we want to be judged on everything?

Additionally due to stress and pressure on young people there have been numerous amount of suicide rates, there were 29 deaths by 10 to 19 year olds in 2015-16, compared with 14 in 2013-14 that is an increase of 107%. Dr Maxim de Sauma, the chief executive of the centre, which supports more than 600 young people with mental health problems each year, said: “When young people with crippling or disabling mental health conditions are not given the support they need, it wastes lives.“People are much more over-pressured here than they are in other parts of the UK. Parents are less able to prioritise difficulties because they are under a lot of stress. It goes on from one generation to another, so the damage is continuous.” Pressure on young people can hit to the point where they cannot take it anymore resulting to take their life’s to get out of it. It is a easy way out of pressure and stress also it is an easy way to end things. Yes it is an easy way to sort things out, but it is not the best thing to do, everyone has a life for a reason. Pressure can also lead to smoking as people thinks it helps them to deal with the stress. Smoking can also lead to lung cancer in which can lead to death.

However pressure is natural in a part of life, almost everyone will experience that. Sometimes you have to try you hardest to work above the stress, that sometimes follows onto good results and rewards. Sometimes putting someone on pressure can be good because it can help to make them achieve greater things and help boost their knowledge. But putting to much pressure can be very dangerous, everyone has to think before they speak or do because it can affect other people in good or bad ways.

In conclusion the way society is now is why young people are under pressure and believe they are not good enough appearance wise and knowledge wise. The effects of pressure could be life changing spending on the situation.

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