How Has Greece Influenced Modern Society?

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Modern society has taken many different ideas that have been developed by scientists which come from ancient civilisations in the middle ages. One of these ancient civilisations include Greece which had a gigantuous affect on modern society. Ancient Greece was well advanced for its time (800 BCE - 146 CE) Greece has contributed with advanced mathematics, complex science, groundbreaking medicine and warfare. Not all of these contributions have shaped the modern world for the greater good.

Greece was enormously advanced for its time period, solving very complex calculations to get what they needed absolutely perfect. After generations of study, modern society has borrowed heaps of mathematical theories and solutions from the ancient Greek civilisation, which, if hadn’t been borrowed, may have been the collapse of some areas of our modern society. A well-known Greek mathematical breakthrough is the Pythagoras theorem. This theorem is used in everyday math to figure out the shortest distance between two points if the two sides of a right angle triangle are known. This can prove to be very useful in finding the distance between the tops of two buildings or for air navigation, because there isn’t much traffic 11.5 kilometres (11,500 metres) in the air. So, the Pythagorean theorem can be used in many various ways by knowing two sides of a right angle triangle. In conclusion, the Greeks made a spectacular discovery for modern society to expand to become a helpful asset to some.

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Ancient Greece also made a plentiful number of significant scientific discoveries. Also, a surprising number have made it to modern science. One of the most significant inventions was the lever which was made by Archimedes. A lever is typically one or two bars which are rested on a pivot, and when pressure is applied to one end, can lift something heavier one the other. There are three types of levers that are used in everyday life, class 1 levers (scissors), class 2 (bottle openers or wheel barrows) and class 3 levers (a shovel or tongs). By using all three types of levers we can achieve lifting weights with ease. Archimedes has made a very useful tool that doesn’t require too much effort (depending on the length of the bar).

Greece was one of the leading ancient civilisations from a medical point of view. They had advanced treatments which actually cured the patients. Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine, had a idea that studying the human body would enable practitioners to understand diseases better by learning what is now called human anatomy. Hippocrates and his fellow practitioners would study the diseased body and find the best cure. Knowing the human anatomy has proved that external factors can also cause disease. Figuring out what causes a certain disease will help to prevent it. So, if we keep on using Hippocrates’s way of studying the patient, we can prevent more diseases. Hippocrates has improved modern science a lot by inventing studying the body.

Warfare was a massive part of Greeks society. They made swords, spears, bows, shields and ballistas, the spear being the most important. The spear was used by Spartan soldiers and Hoplites, one of the most crucial soldiers in a Greek army. The spear consisted of iron head which did most of the damage, a wooden shaft and a bronze butt that was used incase the iron head at the top broke. Spears have been used for centuries and are still used today by countries that are less developed. Spears have been used in many wars which resulted in many more deaths. Some countries in Africa still have spears for hunting animals because they need the food to survive. The Greek spears are the reason of so many undeserved deaths and broken alliances. If the modern society continues to develop weapons such as the spear, more deaths would occur that don’t need to. Ancient Greece has influenced the modern society in only negative ways.

In conclusion, Greece was highly advanced for its time period, in the areas of mathematics, science and medicine, these fields have influenced the modern society in positive ways, supporting development. Although Greece has influenced the modern society in positive ways, its warfare has developed into a very negative thing and has shaped the modern world in a bad way.

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