Different Ideas On Past Life And Life Today

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I have a lovely grandmother who talks about difficulties of the past all the time. She states that today life prepares everything ready for you! She told me that everything was tough when she was a child whether going to school or getting marriage. She shared her experience that she had grown up with low facilities and even low income. But how about now? she said.

Today's world provides everything for you and permit you to accomplish your responsibilities as soon as possible, she added. All of us have such grandparents that their point of views are different from today's adolescents even their view point of life, for example. Although some argue that past life had its adversities, others believe that today life is easier and more comfortable. Indeed, when our life becomes facile and more convenient, our problems will be minimized.

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Until now, grandparents have an opinion that the age of getting marriage is 19 or 20 either for girls or boys. They might, for example, consider that couples should learn how to become independent in their life and solve their issues cooperatively. They may disregard this economic situation that we are dealing with it now. In fact, this economic situation makes today life more sophisticated and more problematic even lonely person can not earn a living easily like the past. Then how grandparents expect that young couples can run their lives cuddly? So couples will not get married unless their position becomes better. Furthermore, they can not purchase a house at the right time, but it was not like this in the past.

Old couples could procure it even with 30 thousand tomans. That is incredible! Others think that, even though working with nowadays technology is arduous, technology saves our time efficiently. Technology contributes us to finish our works a head of time like paying cash. In ancient time, people had to go to the bank in order to get some money, but now ATMs are able to give us cash at any time that we want even at 12 a.m . The old people do not know how to work with them. For this reason, they feel that technology does not avail for them.

Finally, some say that heartiness was richy colored in the past, but not about today. Nowadays, everybody are busy as a bee and social media is a replacement of interrelation. In fact, with these social media, everybody can see each other from North to South even without paying money to take a trip, but not paying a visit to see each other weekly.

In summary, some factors make life easygoing. Although nowadays life simplifies our tasks, present economic situation makes it a little hard even for running a simple life specially for couples. The most significant facture that makes our life effortless is technology even for paying cash. For instance, you can pay money to your workers with your smart phones. Another efficiency of technology is video calling. With video calling, you can see your beloved friends or coworkers no matter where you are, but there are other factors that cause our contemporary life cozier. If you ransack some essays that are related to this topic, you can find out the distinctions better.

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