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Anime Of The Past: Features And Effects

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The goal of this report is to tell you about the history of anime and how it has come to be. I will be talking about the first ever anime that was created in 1917 in Japan and how they got the idea to create anime in 1960. I will also tell you about how Japan used anime to promote the war in World War 2. Finally, I will be telling you who created anime in the first place and I think you will be quite surprised. Anime is the backbone of cartoons, without them we wouldn’t have Dragon Ball, Blue exorcist or even Pokémon which is everyone’s favourite so let’s get into this.


The history of anime is one of the most interesting and fun things to learn about and to figure out how it came to be (me). Japanese anime was created in 1917 and it has become one of the most popular animations in the present day (me). “The characteristic anime art style emerged in the 1960s with the works of Osamu Tezuka and spread internationally in the late twentieth century (Marcia Stefania).”

The rise of anime promoted war when the japanese created a short film with characters animated to be japanese jumping onto the United States territory (me). Learning about the history of anime and finding out that a doctor created the first anime is very interesting but I will get more into that later on (me).

I learned that there are so many different types of anime starting from 1917 to present day. By researching and watching some anime I have found out how much it has changed since the first one was created.

The First Anime

“The word anime is the japanese term of “animation” (Stefania), anime was first created in 1917 when silent films were and Japan wanted a piece of that action. The first anime wasn’t very popular when it came out in 1917 but in 1960’s is when it really blew up, when the first anime T.V. show came out.

“They face an uphill battle as they were also overshadowed by the popularity of Disney cartoons” (Stefania). It’s true Walt Disney’s cartoons were one of the most popular cartoons in the United States and that is when Japan got the idea for the new anime. Japan got their ideas for the new anime show from the 1937 “Snow White and The Seven Dwarves” (Stefania).

They named the anime Tetsuwan Atomu or also better known as Astro Boy in other countries. Tetsuwan Atomu was a hit in Japan and all over the world, Tetsuwan Atomu was created to show children how to respect others and a cartoon was the best way to do it. Tetsuwan Atomu or Astro Boy aired for three years, from 1961 to 1964, now in the present there was a movie based on this anime called Astro Boy.

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WW2 & How Anime Promoted It

In 1936 is when Japan created a short film to promote the war effect and is what eventually started the propaganda of World War 2 (me). The short film attacked the westeren politics that the Americans believed in, in the film it shows the japanese characters jumping onto a map that said America which induced the war effect.

The Japanese characters were called the Momotaro’s Sea Eagles, they were produced by the Japanese Imperial Navy. “Momotaro is the first Japanese animated propaganda film that was aired in Japan. (Stefania)” After the war is when they produced Astro Boy which influenced many Japanese animation creators. Astro Boy was heavily related to the war during the time of the war, that’s why it was such a popular television show to watch all over the world. (me)

The Doctor That Created it All

Dr. Osamu Tezuka is the creator of anime and the main reason why we have all of our favourite animes to this day, like Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Death Note and much more. Many people have called Tezuka ‘Walt Disney of Japan’, ‘God of Comics’, ‘A Legend in his Own Time’ (Brian Cirulnick) and it is the most truest statement anyone has ever said. Osamu knew that he wanted to be an animator since the age of four, being inspired by Walt Disney and Max Fleischer with their earlier non speaking short films (me).

Tezuka published his earliest manga when he was studying to get his medical degree since his father was a doctor he wanted to follow in his footsteps, but he never did that (me). The first ever manga that he ever published was Tetsuwan Atomu or better known as Astro Boy (me).

In 1957 Tezuka signed onto a contract with Toei Animations and after a year of working there he became Dr. Osamu Tezuka in 1958 (me). He ended his contract with Toei Animations in 1962 and started his own Animation company (me).

His company was called Mushi Productions and that is when he got the idea to produce a new T.V. series called Astro Boy based on the manga he published, it was a hit, it lasted for three from 1961 to 1964 (me).


While writing this report I have had a lot of time to think about how anime affected the past and current time and how it has come to be in the present world. Learning about how a doctor created the first real anime blew my mind and how it has come so far since when Omasu Tezuka created Tetsuwan Atumo. Finding out that a short film promoted World War 2 is quite weird but it was still fun to watch the short film and to see how that propaganda had started in Japan to make the war happen. Dr. Osamu Tezuka is the God of anime and without him pursuing making manga and anime we would have never been able to have all the amazing shows we have today.

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