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The Causes And Cures Of Loneliness And Isolation In Today’s Generation Of Students

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Communication is imparting or exchange of information successfully from one place, person or group to another. We live in a fast-moving and advancing world, however, youngsters of this generation find it strenuous to socialize well with other peers. To be lonely is an easy thing, being alone is another matter.

The main purpose of this study is to encounter the reasons why people fail to socialize with each other in this world. communication becomes difficult because it’s not an easy process, some may not choose to believe this but some suffer from this condition. Loneliness is an omnipresent human emotion where it is unique and complex which varies from person to person.


Communication is an adhesive that holds a society together. The world we live in has a population expansion over millions of people, however, people end to feel lonely. Loneliness is an emotional feeling that differs from person to person and is not easy to fix. It is the state of mind where an individual feeling of being alone and sad about it, on the other hand, it also possible to feel lonely in a crowd and this is mainly due to the lack of communication and interaction with the people around. Loneliness is a choice of any individual whether he or she can isolate themselves or can open their hearts and welcome new propositions in their lives. Today’s generation of students finds it difficult to socialize or even to start a conversation in a grocery store, it as a complex and unpleasant situation of today’s generation students go through.


Loneliness is difficult to categorize, confess sometimes it runs extremely far down in the fabric of a person so said by the author ‘Olivia Liang’. In the world today we travel a lot visit new places where we take the train or a bus and we find couples holding hands with each other, young people chatting in groups, people on phone having a conversation for hours leading a happy life, but on the other hand we can also visualize people sitting in solitude, feeling isolated, having ruminating thoughts about their personal life where it is never that easy to drift away from those perceptions and it is difficult to categorize as it varies from person to person. Loneliness is classified into 2 types they are “Transient and Chronic” loneliness. Transient loneliness is a feeling of being lonely for a short period time where it fades away at a certain time, for an example: perhaps you learn that your previous significant found someone really good for them, and even though you try to feel happy about the situation you still feel lonely. But this loneliness fades away in one way or another.

Chronic loneliness, on the other hand, is a pervading feeling where an individual feels isolated in a social activity, or having a casual conversation with a friend or a family member, or even with the person they fall in love.

Booming social media

An increase in the sensitivity of the booming social media plays a major role in the community. Loneliness is a vicious circle, many young adults adopt the art of self-protection to isolate themselves from the negative social cues resulting in loneliness where this makes things even harder for an individual to re-integrate into a new social group, where this leads to extremely maladaptive behavior. For an individual, this might result in both physical and mental damage. ‘The Wall Street Journal’ reported that humankind with less relevant connection with other experience insomnia disrupted immune system and having a higher stress level. besides, ‘The Journal says that due to loneliness it also leads to an early death by suicide in many adolescents, the risk of having obesity and having heart diseases’.

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This is a complex area. The cause of culture shock will vary from person to person as we all unique in our way. Sometimes it is obvious that the behavior of an individual is the main key to his or her feeling lonely. Depression is one factor that influences most people when they move from their hometown to an entirely new place which gives them a negative impact where they try to be lonely, some try to commit suicide because of this factor. A complete set of changes in lifestyle can also cause depression in many people where they feel a sense of insecurity of being accepted in the community. All of this is a segment of the cycle of loneliness. A sudden change of any methodical phase a human being goes through not only causes a disturbance physically but also mentally, unlike physical illness being mentally subjected to loneliness will make a greater impact on an individual day to day life.

Associated factors of the general population.

Sometimes the abstract idea of loneliness becomes confusing because of the number of closely related concepts. Being alone and feeling lonely are two different things, being alone is a feeling that someone who wants a peace of mind, being isolated from this fast-moving world where they give themselves some solitary space, while on the other hand feeling lonely is an emotion where an individual thinks that he or she is being neglected by the society or their own family, friends or even their loved ones (Killen C 1998). Anybody is lonely at some time, no segment is immune to loneliness all are prone to loneliness. There is a possibility that loneliness will increase the problem to any individual of any age both the elderly and the adolescents. Loneliness is a choice, it sometimes depends on the personal character or their situation, where it can be situational or characterological causes and consequences. A situational cause is most frequently referred to as ‘Loss in general’, it might be in the form of relationships between family members, friends or a loved one. And another situation that can initiate loneliness, is the person’s social environment. In addition to this, some of the other factors that influence loneliness are poverty, low income, relocation (Rodgers 1989), inadequate transportation (Rodgers 1989) and finally patients in hospital (Rodgers 1989), long term patients are prone to loneliness than short term patients.

Characterological cause concentrates more on the personal characteristics that an individual might be self-centered or self-possessed who do not think about others but often think about themselves. A lonely person often tends to skew towards the negativity rather than having a positive approach towards an idea. The problem is that if a person who does not know how to socialize or how to interact with people often tend to concentrate and focus on themselves. Loneliness is found to be cynical to these factors and they are (a) self-esteem (b) shyness (c) anger & tension (d) more self-conscious (e) self-blame (f) self-evaluation (g) anxiety, some of these factors can enter into a person anytime they are not a cause or an effect they are just unwanted companions.

Health risks

Loneliness has a wide range of impacts both physically and mentally including (a) depression & suicide (b) cardiovascular diseases & stroke (c) increased stress levels (d) decreased memory and learning (e) anti-social behavior (f) alcoholism & drugs (g) altered brain function. These are not the only factors that loneliness takes toll in some of the other factors like consumption of too much alcohol and less exercise cause dullness and the feeling of being tired soon followed by sluggish behavior, in-efficient sleep, loneliness also disrupts the cells in the human body causing premature aging and daytime fatigue.


Every individual is unique in their way, and each has different way of dealing with loneliness, some of them are more successful than others, because of this anyone can encounter loneliness in their life where it is a part of being a human, but at times this can cause fatality in a person’s life. It could be helpful if researchers can find a permanent cure to alleviate this distressing disorder. Some of the nursing solutions are introduced in hospitals for people who encounter loneliness in which some of them are naïve, practical, and idealistic (Killen C 1998). One simple way to cure loneliness is to deduct them at the basic level. Some of the people who fail to socialize might be due to physical impairment such as hearing problems, if the nurses at the hospital could deduct hearing problem of infants at an early age this can be avoided where the respective department can treat the problem accordingly. Elders in the community are subjected to loneliness and the answer is simple because the generation of today is so immersed in social media where they fail to aid the elderly, this problem can be partially solved by introducing day centers, rehabilitation centers and health care teams. The factor that is introduced to loneliness is the patients in the hospital where they are both long term and short-term patients, the long-term patients suffer more than the other. In this sector loneliness begins at admission and ends at discharge, this is mostly because they are isolated from their day-to-day methodical life where they are away from their family, friends and their loved ones (Rodgers 1989). To treat these visitation hours can be extended. One small tip that can help a lonely person who is to stay in touch with a few strong friends, family. This is not as same as talking with someone in person but it still brings some peace to that individual. Volunteering in community events might help an individual to get involved in public events like helping out in a library, helping out with trash clean up or spending a good few hours at a local food bank. Trying out a new hobby always comes in handy to alleviate the feeling of being isolated, hobbies like dance, art, wood carving, or giving a hand in any community organizations will give some closure to an individual (Killen C 1998). Technology has both pros and cons, there are several ways for a person to get into social media and try to make themselves busy but technology can make it easier to miss out, instead trying out an event in a theatre, or having a stroll in a park or the beach will really help a person to alleviate some of the stress that they are harboring within. These are not a permanent solution but this brings closure to those who are feeling lonely. Emphasizing the importance of creativity, in this where people can fulfill their creative potential so that they are less likely to be lonely. All these are done just to kill boredom. This project of introducing creativeness is neither productive nor failure, it is a mask to counterbalance loneliness. There is no magical cure for loneliness, sometimes just being there for a lonely person makes a big difference in their life. Doing this might not cure a person’s loneliness but at least they know that someone’s there for them to support them mentally and emotionally. If people cared about their fellow peers there would be fewer lonely people, even if the action was taken there is no one hundred percent solution nor a cure for it, because the only way to overcome loneliness is to support one and each other. Loneliness is like an unfortunate side-effect, it is not a puzzle that can be completed, it can be alleviated and can be made less throbbing but it cannot be wiped out of the entire world.


Everyone is lonely at some time or another, it is a part of our life where it is inevitable, but in today’s self-obsessed climate. It is the least discussed topic where it is approached with a negative embarrassing condition. Yes, we all are unique, we differ from each other both mentally and physically, some of them are strong enough to retaliate loneliness and some are not. It is a mechanism that made awareness of isolation that is rapidly growing like am algae in our community. Keywords for the cure of loneliness are awareness and care towards humankind. The difficult part about today’s society is that the concept of loneliness is confused with other concepts that are commonly used. If the suffering individuals are conscious about the people around who emphasize with the state they are going through is not normal, it will make them less gloomy and will help them to unite back into the society. The bottom line is overcoming loneliness is not a difficult task it just needs some good therapy, relaxation, good companionship, and finally some positive approach to help detach from the negativity around an individual (Killen C 1998).

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