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The impact of Art today and through the years has interesting takeaways to it when it’s being discussed. Art history identifies works of art and concepts by focusing heavily on the particular context or setting in which the work of art was created in its political, social, cultural, and economic settings. Oftentimes, if people were asked, what are the impacts and contributions of Art through the years? they would provide an answer historically, socially, economically, and politically. Why you may ask? because all these ideas are connected and have had big influences on Art through the years. You get to think of different ideas and answers from these lists I've mentioned, because of their impacts, contributions, and influences on art.

In our perspective of art today, how can we see the art’s impact globally? when art history and the global challenge of art are being discussed, it leads to the main question “Is art history global?” because the point is to see if we can tell and recognize, if art history is for everybody to acknowledge. The answer would be yes, but we must remember only where it’s applied or in that certain field because it still recognizes the limits of the existing standards and seeks to begin elsewhere or to pay attention to a different variety of materials that constitute both the global and the historical arts.

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The importance of asking or having knowledge if art should be globally recognized, let’s us discipline or adhere ourselves from respecting the limits and policies to it, and for us to state that art history is global, we must acknowledge its origins and facts for us to showcase and send a piece of clear information. According to Dr. Robert Glass, the practice in the discipline of art history evolved in Europe during colonial times. (roughly the 15th to the mid-20th century). And the greatest social innovation facing art history today is globalism. As our world becomes more interconnected, understanding different cultures, and knowing that diversity is important. Art history, as the tale of exceptional artifacts from a wide variety of cultures, has a role in developing these skills. (2020) Also, to help art history globally, innovators these days use digital media and the internet to develop, disseminate and interrogate art historical information, they can help shape the future of the discipline.

If we study the influences of Spain and America and study the background information of colonial modernity, it has a big impact and contributions on Art in the economy of the Philippines. We were introduced to the construction of colonial infrastructure modernity that depended heavily on iron and steel, from the required materials in the industrial era. Colonial infrastructure and public works have taken shape, under the guise of the Spanish colonial government, and According to Gerard Lico & Mary Delia Tomacruz, the infrastructures were in the form of portals, highways, bridges, lighthouses, rivers, sewerage networks, piped water supply, telegraph cables, rail and streetcar networks, and electrical power plants – all of which comply with the new and leading-edge technology available in that time. (2015) A change from Spanish to American colonial rule at the turn of the century produced a propitious atmosphere for the construction boom in which reinforced concrete has become the material of selection. Export of new construction technology from the United States was sustained by the infrastructure program.

During or after direct colonial rule, offer access to brief transnational images of the fugitive and ephemeral displacement, dispersal, and relocation of intellectuals and ordinary people, which emphasize cultural differences in their diaspora experience. According to Maria Luisa Torres Reyes, diasporas are complex and unpredictable in today's globalized conditions and imaginaries, since the sense of place and position in which diasporic interactions are understood has become fluid, uncertain, even argued, and no longer a fixed and stable space. (2017) In her research paper, the essential focus was to learn the exploration of how the individual, a built entity, is formed by modern influences, such as the diaspora experience. Through the formal composition of the novel, the dynamic interface between migration and the creation of individual identity is explored in the light of the effect of such powers on the constitution or self-reconstruction.

During the time under the Marcos government, the development of the Philippines was widely conceived and includes economic policy in the 1960s and 1970s and its massive cultural infrastructure spending as part of social growth and 'fulfill capacity' Of the human personality. According to Patrick Flores, In 1974, the Marcos government economist clarified that the growth of the Philippine economy included the reorganization of the government machinery, the restructuring of the tax and tariff systems as well as finance banking and business, the liberalization of foreign investment, the expansion of exports, the local dispersal of industries and the intensification of labor manufacturing processes, among others. (2017) Development in this situation is linked to Political economy and the aesthetic value of nation-building, meaning, and scale of the formative.

If we talk about some of the influential artists through the years on the impact of art, I’d introduce Marcel Duchamp a French-American painter as part of the most influential artists, specifically in the 1960s. He rose to true prominence and unparalleled fame in the twentieth century Marcel Duchamp was a fresh kind of modern artist of the twentieth century. Two essential moments in Marcel Duchamp's life are both related to the memory of his departures. According to Marcus Moore, his comments on the sources of ready-made works of art — the mass-produced everyday objects that he first selected in Paris in 1913-1914, and then, after leaving New York in 1915, he found other examples. In interviews, he referred to the readymade as a 'happy idea' but the material artifacts or objects, portray and embody Duchamp's departure from his home (T.J. Demos, 2007). (2011)

Art helps us identify with one another that expands our notion from local to global. Historically, socially, economically, and politically speaking, art throughout the year helps us appreciate intuition, complexity, and innovation, and actively come up with new ideas. Art is an analytical study of objects in their historical evolution and their stylistic aspects with the use of genre, architecture, shape, and style. According to Lumen, Art conveys political, religious, and philosophical concepts and judgments that emerge from the artist's context as much as they do from his or her artistic impulse. Some of the contextual factors that form artists and their work are their educators and the pressures of previous styles; their audiences and their expectations; their viewers; and their general cultural-economic, and political environment. (2020)

In many aspects, the backbone of art over the years is the celebratory timeline of beautiful pieces of artworks commissioned by religious or government intuitions or wealthy individuals, that helped impact or contribute to art historically, socially, economically, and politically.


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