The Law of Life and Ishmael by Daniel Quinn: Analytical Essay

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In the story, Ishmael by Daniel Quinn talks about culture, is a person who is enacting a story. To enact a story is to act in a certain way to make a story come true. He utilizes the term taker and leaver to describe the people of the world. He puts takers and leavers into two groups. Taker is called civilization, people of today, thinking that the world was made only for them. Leaver is primitives, who lived a simple life, they live by the basic needs to be equal and fair. Leaver talks about the fall of man while taker talks about how man began to rise to power. They're a big difference between takers and leaver, the way they chose to live in the world, what they believe is right way to live, their beliefs, mother cultures impact on their life and The Law of Life.

Leaver culture believes that they were made to take care of the world and they belong to the world. They wanted to leave it in its originally state. It is paradise just how it is, no need to build the extra beaches and building to make it look like paradise cause its already paradise but, taker culture thinks that the world is made for the whole purpose of being ruled by them. They presume that paradise can be built in cities and countries because they believe they were kicked out the paradise. 'Takers have always perceived that the world was far short of the paradise it was meant to be.” Paradise to them is their complete rule over the world. Taker believes that the world was a messy, and it was up to them to fix the mess the world was in. Meanwhile, the leaver believes the world was perfect how it was, and the taker is what made it chaotic. They think that takers only care about what they can get from the world instead of what they can give the world back. They think “The world of the Takers is one vast prison, and except for a handful of Leavers scattered across the world, the entire human race is now inside that prison.” Taker believes that when you are born, you are born flawed while leaver believes that when you born your either live a perfect life or a flawed life.

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“One of the most striking features of Taker culture is its passionate and unwavering dependence on prophets.” They need to believe in a higher power to show they were living the right way. In their culture prophets tell you how to live not knowing if it the right way to live. Taker depend on religion to answer the big existential question in their life, like “How should I live?”. “There is no tradition whatever of prophets rising up among the Leavers to straighten out their lives and give them new sets of laws or principles to live by. 'Leaver never need a prophet because they lived right. “It is not healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” said best in the book of Mark 2:17. Taker uses the story of Adam and Eve to show how they decide who lives and dies. “When the gods ate the fruit, they gained the knowledge necessary to run the garden: the knowledge of who lives and who dies.” Adam and Eve were the birth of taker culture. Leaver didn’t live by this myth because they don’t trust it because it came from taker culture. Leaver lives on their own knowledge and intelligent because they know that the only way to live. Leaver never did anything with blind knowledge, it was always backed with facts.

Leaver lived their life by The Law of Life, which is when someone or something may compete but can’t wage war on another. Leaver doesn’t kill more than they need to eat. They don’t deny competes food or supplies. They don’t let their population grow at an uncontrollable rate. What they hunt they eat and don’t hunt 3 days ahead. Takers believe, “The more competitors you destroy, the more humans you can bring into the world, and that makes it just about the holiest work there is. Once you exempt yourself from the law of limited competition, everything in the world except your food and the food of your food becomes an enemy to be exterminated.” Takers depend on the agricultural while leavers live outside of the agricultural way of life.

Mother Culture is a term used a lot in the book toward the taker. Mother Culture has a great widespread influence on the taker culture. Taker believes that” He says that Mother Culture also teaches that life before the Agricultural Revolution was horrible and that to live that way would be reprehensible', while leavers again think that It ruins the world. Takers take wants they know about the world thought blind knowledge from their grandparents or parents, while leaver gets there from living life with the use of their wisdom and intelligence. The teacher said it best “Leaver pass down the knowledge on how to live while taker passes down the knowledge of objects. Thought taker and leaver didn’t live by the same rule the had one thing in common, Civilization and Primitives both know that there is no real way to really know how to live right. The sum of the story is taker and leaver will never get on the same page on how to live and how the view the word.

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