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How Does The Great Gatsby Relate To Current Society

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The Great Gatsby was written many years ago, but many of the events and things that they do in the book can still be related to today. The wealthy and famous people rule the world and the less fortunate people. The book used materialistic items to describe people and how they fell during this time period in the book and we still use this today. Everyone wanted to be wealthy and were drawn to the higher class more than the lower class and people still are. Gatsby gets judged by his enormous house, parties and his personal belongings. We still judge people on looks such as they did in the past. Daisy also admires money and got bored of waiting for Gatsby and married Tom instead of waiting for him to return home from war. We are mesmerized with the newest music, pricey clothes, cars, and technology such as the people in the book. We see people that get married because of money rather than love still.

Throughout the entire novel Nick meets many friends of Gatsby's, Daisy’s and Tom's but keeps his distance from them and does not become very close with them he was dragged into stuff he does not want to be in. Nick only keeps a honest relationship with Gatsby and Jordan. It is much like people today some just have a few friends they really just talk to and not really create friendships with others. We also see this in social networks we call random people we add on Snapchat or instagram friends but you may have never met them in your life. Such as at Gatsby’s crazy parties he did not even invite any of them and only knows a few of them.

Relationships and friendships are weaker when you only know them on social media rather than meeting them in real life and getting to know them better. Nick just found out about people from just being with people at the wrong time he saw secrets and things about others personal life’s. We see this on media where you can just get information about someone from their profile and act like you know them but that’s only a brief description of them you won’t ever really know them like that.

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In this book Gatsby’s is a very rich man who apparently came from a wealthy family and it was passed on to him, but in reality he was a poor boy that grew up in a poor family. Gatsby creates a fake life and hopes to when daisy heart. If people were to really know how Gatsby came across this enormous amount of wealth they would probably view him differently than they do now. A great example of this today would be the famous and wealthy people trying to trying to bribe their children’s way into college and get their test scores fixed with money. They try to create a fake life for their children even though they did not really earn or deserve it. Just because you are rich does not mean you can control people or make them do what you want in a dream. Gatsby thinks that now that he is wealthy that he can win over Daisy even though he does not truly love her and want everything to go his way. The people that tried to bribe the kids into schools did not get it to go the way they wanted it either. He changed the way he lived because his troubled past would drive daisy away. We also see this today with people at schools where that act differently around people then they normally do just to fit in with a certain group of kids to make them feel better but it is a fake life they create just like Gatsby.

In the novel Gatsby is like a celebrity and everyone in the west and east egg know him but not really they know of him. He is only well known because of his extremely elaborate parties he puts on and everyone comes even from the east egg. Everyone acts like they know him and are friends with him but truly they are not his friends we can tell when he is accused of hitting and killing Wilson’s wife Myrtle and then everyone hates him and does not want anything to do with him or go around him such as his so called friend Wolfsheim. Wolfsheim is only worried about his wealth and business. Nick was his only true and honest friend he came to parties and he attended Gatsby’s funeral as well. We see this today with many famous people they do one thing wrong and all of their friends cut them off and forget all about them. Many actors are also forgotten after their shows end and they do not get another show to act on such as Frankie Muniz he was a star on the show Malcolm in the middle and did not get another chance to act and we forgot all about him such as Gatsby after the murder was pinned on him everyone just went to assume it was him.

In the book wealth is a major thing and is divide between sides such as the west and east egg and the valley of ashes. Today we see this in schools and parts of towns where we are separated by wealth and they treat people differently just like in the novel. Gatsby tries to control people with his wealth and it works we see this happening today people try to use their money to take advantage of others and to fit in. The book describes ways on how money rules the world and people and we still see cases of this today. People also are divided by money today in many places. The Great Gatsby novel may be old but is not outdated it can relate to many things in today's society.

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