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Abstract - Object recognition is a sub-field of computer vision and it is based on machine learning. In the past several year Machine learning has been dominated by neural network and which provides implements in computing power and data availability. Sub-type of Neural Networks is called Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) and is suited for image-related tasks. This convolutional Neural Network is trained to look for different features such as spatial, appearance, structure, edges, and corners across the image and to...
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Within the category of objects, knowledge about an object has been shown to be dissociated from the manipulation knowledge of the object (how to use the object). Buxbaum et al. (2000) reported that two patients with large frontoparietal lesions exhibited impaired manipulation knowledge of objects whereas their functional knowledge about the objects was relatively preserved (Snowden, 2002). Manipulation of objects seems to be distinguished from the functional knowledge of the same objects, as this dissociation has also been detected in...
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The ability to recognize an object facilitates an individual’s capacity to describe its appearance, uses, and functions, allowing effective interaction with the environment (Eysenck & Keane, 2015). In this paper, object recognition refers to the ability to determine whether a line drawing represents something that is real. Recognizing a familiar object requires visual features to be processed and match knowledge stored in long-term memory (Tree & Playfoot, 2015). However, the knowledge required for object recognition has been debated in the...
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This essay will primarily discuss Locke's notion of ideas and more importantly their relationship with objects. I will attempt to show that some fundamental aspects of his philosophy, which he deems to conserve, force him to a representational cognitive theory; however, any interpretation of said theory seems to underpin another fundamental aspect of his philosophy. Ideas and their relationship with objects Locke's philosophy are of utmost importance as upon this his philosophy rests. As he states ‘my Purpose [is] to...
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Introduction The question “Do museums still need objects?” is a provocative question that intrigued me to review the existing literature on museum objects. I wanted to determine whether there exist arguments in favor of objects being in museums, or whether they have completely become redundant in the world of museums. I could not believe that museums can exist and function without having any objects in them at all. Nonetheless, after a thorough review of some of the existing literature on...
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A fireplace opposite white and red life rings brandishing the words 'Canalside Heritage Centre', a wooden chair, and exposed floorboards dressed with a rag rug is how the downstairs room of the Canalside Heritage Centres exhibition presents itself. The exhibition tells the story of the Weir Cottages and the history of the local waterways (Canalside Heritage Centre, n.d.). The first room of the exhibition has been curated to tell the story of life in those cottages: simple, practical, somewhat bare,...
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Introduction In this essay, I will be showing that material objects persist by perduring. I will be using persistence in the sense of: A material object persists if somehow or other, it exists at different times and undergoes changes in its extrinsic properties (Van Inwagen and Zimmerman, 1998) I will first look at some preliminaries when looking at perdurantism. I will then show that the Perdurantist theory is the best theory for explaining how objects persist through change. I will...
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Introduction: Object/Relational Mapping (ORM) is a method toward transforming information since the object-oriented model is hooked on the personal database model. Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs) remains founded happening units, while the social files management system (RDBMS) disreputable arranged families and fields towards stock information. Designed for a creator, separated charting sheet denounces the difficulty of the boilerplate cipher [1]. ORM hush-up the functionality of an ancient conservative Java Catalogue Connectivity (JDBC) software design classical [7] hooked on the persevered files. A...
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